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Update 22/02/2022
Thank you for saving the Krasnal!

This brave, beautiful pony was welcomed on our farm by a beautiful sun and a cloudless sky – there is probably no better omen for the rest of your life! Thanks to you, Krasnal is safe and does not need to be afraid of anything. He is among his people and we know that even if the day is cloudy, the sun will always stay in Krasnal’s heart!



They named him Krasnal “Dwarf”. Because the kids loved him. Oh how much they loved him! And maybe if they knew where he is now, the whole adolescence crowd would come running and pounding their fists on the barn door to give them back their Krasnal. they would probably scream that this was not allowed.

But. It’s a free country. Country of free people. Only this freedom does not extend further. And it certainly does not apply to the little ponies in old, ragged halters, fastened on thick rope to metal bars. In anticipation of death.

He was always obedient and utterly devoted to his hard work. A job that had no mercy for him. Because animals in this world are rarely merited. And certainly little ponies with crooked hooves. So Krasnal stamped his little hooves wherever the excited children wanted. He did everything their parents paid for. And his season lasted a whole year, because it was required by the Lord. And as the pony Lord demands, the pony has to work hard with its short legs. Because this is often the only reason why the Lord keeps a pony at all and gives him the right to live.

And the Lord gives. But the Lord also takes. He takes it at the least expected moment, when the best warm summers and frosty winters have passed. When the little pony thinks that he has earned his retirement, after all, that his heart and short legs were devoted and faithful to human whims. And then consciousness comes. Awareness that these are just pipe dreams. And this awareness takes the little ponies with it, up the gangplank, into the unknown. Towards their end.

Krasnal worked at some gas station. Maybe you’ve seen him before. He stood by his flag with the word “horseback riding” and took the children for a few zlotys. The station was satisfied with this business, because customers were eager to visit the station. And, of course, the pony owner. Because these guys were eager to fill their pockets.


Only the pony itself somehow lost its strength, its health deteriorated, and its temples became gray with the passage of time. The day of the exchange has finally arrived. Days like this happen in many barns. An old van drove up to Krasnals barn. The one we see now parked grimly guards the barn full of those he brought.

The merchant does not want to say more. He asks if we take or leave. He immediately stipulates that he will not give us much time, because he has to repair the car, because the horses damaged it during loading and struggles. And he urgently needs money from the Krasnal. I take a few shots of the pony, I look into his big, sad eyes from which all the joy of life has vanished. If it was ever there.

We will not turn back time, we will not take Krasnal from this gutter station, we will not give him his youth, nor those cold winters, when he stood tied under his flag waiting for customers.

Your contribution is doubled.
Matching funds from Pledges for first 10k USD.
(US donors enjoy tax break)