16th of October Update
Kreska and Melisa are safe!

And it’s all thanks to you! We find no words to express our gratitude for saving these two beauties. Kreska and Melisa are already with us, they will never be in danger again. They will be able to lead a carefree, peaceful life. They will live their own way. After the necessary quarantine, visits by a blacksmith and a veterinarian, they will be able to go to the paddock where the wind will brush their mane and the sun will warm their back. They will meet other saved horses and hopefully make great friendships! Not only with other ungulates, but also with humans.

Thank you for giving Kreska and Melissa life!


Kreska and Melisa were not lucky enough to get into our newsletter. And a moment later – we received a plead for help for two other animals, donkey Mgiełka and her son Maciek. Before you ask, there are new names, given by us. They never had theirs. The newsletter was long on its way when the phone rang for help. We were not sure for a while what to do. Every day we receive several requests for help. We cannot even describe all the stories, nor would we be able to look after all these animals. Sometimes you ask how do we choose. We do not choose. Every animal has the right to live. The old ones are important, because they survived life and deserve a dignified death. The young ones, because they just came into this world and did not experience its charms like the wind in the mane for example.

Dear friends, it is a pity every time. We take these that we see first, it’s like a coin toss. We try not to look back, but that’s not possible. We remember all those which we did not manage to save. We go to the same traders and we see empty seats, empty chains and we listen to the silence. We know that the horses that stood here and looked at us are gone. And in a moment there will be more and more to replace them. Until something changes completely. Someday…


Melisa cuddles up to her mother, just to be further away from the human. Her long, clumsy, foal legs shake the more the longer she stares at us. She doesn’t really want to pose for a photo, she doesn’t understand why we are doing it. How she is to know that she was brought into the world only to die? Maybe its better for to her be unaware. She doesn’t know much about economics, se’s just a horse. Sometimes I envy my pets that they don’t need to understand and accept such things. But, maybe I am wrong? Maybe Kreska and Melisa understand much more than we think …

Kreska is not young anymore. Not that she is retired. She will never see her retirement. She just got worn out a bit faster, much more before her retirement age. And her life run in the blink of an eye. Anyway, life always escapes too quickly … Kreska is limping on three legs. Not that it’s worse. She didn’t even see a blacksmith. Nobody checked what was happening. Melisa follows Kreska around the yard as if she had never been there before. Because no one lets horses out in such places. It’s a waste of time.

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