Kromka’s long life was spent in human service. For as long as she can remember, every day, month and year she has worked in a recreation center. She helped adults and children to take their first steps on her back. She spent many years under the saddle, with instructors and delighted riders. Anyway, wherever she lived, she would have to be of use everywhere. Such is the fate of horses. They cannot decide anything on their own, man dominates them and uses them to the limit. Nobody wants to keep them just because they are. Everyone wants them to earn for themselves and their master. Yes, because they have masters and masters decide how much to work, when to rest, when to eat and what to do. With Kromka was no different. Man also decided about her. Sometimes she could look at the sun for a moment without doing anything. But these are only short moments, in the break between one circle and the other with tourists on the back. And so on until you lose your strength.

Well, there is no pension for horses after years of work. And although Kromka found someone who would like to share their home with her and bought her from a recreational center, it was only an illusory dream. Her new owners quickly decided that Kromka was no longer good for anything. The decision was made before Kromka became well known. She was too old. Too worn out. Useless. Everything was over in an instant. There were no more treats or the best muesli in the manger. There was no stroking the mane and no loud laughter of children circling Kromka. Everyone used to visit her once. Today she is visited only by indifference. Merciless, sneaking into every nook and cranny of her soul and body.

You see, this is how it is in our world. Everyone looks away from old age. You can only earn money with horses’ old age. It is not profitable to look after, it does not pay to care. After all, most choose the easier path. A qiuck and easy death sentence. Today, after years of work, although there was a client to buy Kromka, she was sent to slaughter. Because she’s old. Because it’s heavy and powerful. She has become only a weight on the paper, for which man will soon receive a generous payment.

“End of the ohotoshoot. Are you buying or should I put her in order? ”. The merchant pushes us out of the barn and closes the old, rusty door. We want to take her. We’ll be back soon. We would love to. We always want to.

The deadline for killing Kromka has already been set. Where she is now, no one is interested of her suffering. There, only kilograms count, which will translate into money. And Kromka is a powerful mare, so get my point. The clink of money effectively drowned out more than one conscience there. If we do nothing, Kromka will soon lose her life. Please help me get her out of the way to the slaughterhouse. To save Kromka and cover the cost of transport, we need PLN 9,600 (2354 USD). We only have time until 2nd of March, then it will be too late for help.


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