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Updated 24.02.2022

Tiny Kropka is already with us!

And on her behalf, we would like to thank you warmly. If it weren’t for your invaluable support, Kropka wouldn’t get a chance for a new life, she wouldn’t come to our farm, where ponies like her are waiting for her. Thank you for providing her with a decent retirement, security, a chance to welcome another spring that will dance with the wind in her mane. Thank you with all my heart!



I will tell you about the little heroine. Very small. A little different than you might think. About a heroine no one has heard of. And probably no one will hear. Because she will go away in silence. In a moment. Like millions of other heroes. Those who gave their lives for a cause of great importance. For the world to wake up a bit.

And it’s not about everyone becoming vegan tomorrow. But it’s all about respect for life. The point is that millions of animals die while they are alive because they are treated like meat before they become meat. The point is, millions of animals in the world are called friends, millions work hard for the benefit of a man – and then the same millions are loaded in a second onto truck, and there is no emotion here. Understand? No emotions. The world that can stop feeling so quickly and start counting seems scary.

Kropka is a brave pony. Maybe you don’t see it in her gaze. Maybe you only see fear there. Because heroes are afraid too. This is one of the few rights a man has left behind. The right to fear.

Kropka was born in a rural barn in the south of Poland. When many winters ago she clumsily made her first steps with hooves and snored into fluffy straw – she did not know that she would become a hero one day. Months passed, long and changing.

Then they bought her. And they took her from her barn. And she gave birth to foals herself. And she was carrying children. And she even pulled a small horse-drawn carriage. She was everything a pony could be to a human. She was a heroine.

But the day has come that changed everything for Kropka. She became lame. Nobody knew why. Not that it’s some mysterious disease. Just like that, no one called the vet. Because it costs money. The host diagnosed himself. Because it’s free. Although not entirely. Kropka paid the price with silent suffering.

Then one phone call, lots of rural farmers and traders. Pony to be replaced with a younger model, you know. Kropka has worn out. Who would hold such a…….

And so, after years of service, devotion and some faith that she will always be here – Kropka understood that people rarely become attached. Even so, the attachment disappears like camphor when you have to take the money out of your pocket for treatment. From a pocket that Kropka had been stuffing for years.

So little Kropka steped one the great, steep ladder. She didn’t even look back. Because her heart would break. Hoof after hoof she was climbing in the raging wind, which was the only one to lead her away towards her destiny.

She went. She went so that we could find her story at a trader, where there are hundreds, or perhaps thousands of such stories. As many as the horses put there without hesitation. Kropka, the heroine of a small height, stands today by the barn and struggles on her string wrapped around her head. Finally she freezes and looks at my lens. Because I want to tell you the world is not fair. And after her death it won’t be even more so.

Because it is not fair that we hand over to death those who served us. And although she is ready to die today so that you can hear her story, thousands of animals will not have to die tomorrow if you listen to Kropka today.


Your contribution is doubled.
Matching funds from Pledges for first 10k USD.
(US donors enjoy tax break)