29th of September 2021 Update

On behalf of Lolek, thank you for saving him!

It is thanks to You, dear ones, that Lolek got a second chance. And we assure you that it will use it one hundred percent! Soon, the veterinarian will take care of his sore legs and the farrier will take care of the hooves. Then there will be only the wind in the mane, warm autumn sun on a worn out back, and the company of the remaining ponies.

Thank you for giving him life!

His story

Piebald Lolek. Perhaps many of you passed by him while walking along the streets of a small tourist town in the south of Poland. He was standing behind an old wooden fence, tied with a rope, waiting for a client. Or perhaps you’ve never met him. After all, in Poland there are many old villages with old fences. And there is no shortage of Loleks too …

He always obediently walked in circles with delighted children on his back. Probably camera lamps were flashing, because everyone wants to have a holiday picture with a pony. And when these holidays are over, no one remembers the little sick pony treading in the yard anymore.

Lolek didn’t earn a lot only some pennies. Just enough for some hay for himself and a bottle of beer for his master. He never earned for a blacksmith, so he never got one. He never met a vet even remotely as that would be debauchery. And Lolek had to save up. No luxuries. Neighbors said that he spent the winters in his shed or tied up under a tree. Lolek did not complain. Brave ponies do not complain about their fate.

As the years passed by, Lolek walked slower and slower. And slower. With each year he lay down and warmed his sore legs in the sun more often. This summer he got sick at the end of the season. The place where Lolek lived is not the center of the world, but there is a lake, there is a waffle booth. There was no shortage of people willing to ride on his back. Despite this, Lolek still earned too little to pay a farrier to take care of his legs. Instead, his master decided to comprehensively deal with the constantly lying pony and called a local trader.

Lolek was reported to us by tourists who were appalled by the fact that the drunk owner was kicking and jerking the pony when it couldn’t get up. Because the queue grew longer and the main attraction grew sicker. When we got there, it turned out that a few hours earlier Lolek had been pulled up the gangway by force and he was gone to join the herd of slaughter horses. We’ve been looking for him for a long time. Because the herd does not have to be big. We passed cowshed after cowshed. Until we finally saw him. He was standing by another wooden fence, tied to a tree again. He was waiting for the transport, which was supposed to be in the morning. There was no place for him in the cowshed. When he lay down, he took too much space.

At the sight of us, however, the trader dragged Lolek inside and he could hardly be persuaded to take photos. Lolek looked at the lens full of strange, extinguished, but barely lit, hope. As if the last fire was burning there, and it was about to go out. Because he had hoped so many times that help would come. His whole life passed on waiting for a change. And only today he had a chance to stand in front of You.

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