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Updated on 02/14/2022
Lucek is safe!

Thank you for giving Lucek a quiet, decent retirement. He has already come to us with a cozy hay-smelling box is waiting for him, where he can rest. And I think he likes this change of environment, especially the whole lot of caresses and juicy carrots, which he eagerly and contentedly reaches for. He liked the vet’s visit a little less, but he endured it extremely bravely, as if he knew it was necessary so that he could carelessly walk among the other retired ponies in the spring. We are already looking forward to it!

Once again, with all our hearts, thank you on behalf of Lucek!




You surely know Lucek if you’ve been to Ustroń. He was standing by the road, sometimes his head hung down, you might not have noticed his gaze or his legs trembling with tiredness. When the children were approaching, they got in for a few gold coins. The rest of the time Lucek just stood waiting for the client. And on the waiting line his life passed.

His host, the old man, was standing with him. The gentleman for whom Lucek worked.

They stood like that for almost 20 years, on the road. Because that’s almost what Lucek has. So if you love the mountains and you’ve been to these parts – there’s no way you missed Lucek’s eyes one day.

One day we received an email. This is how we met Lucek. Tourists asked for help. Lucek did not have access to water, and he did not have breaks or shade on hot days. Instead, he had gray temples and a tired, pleading gaze. Apparently it’s not the first time.

One of the last ones, however. Because in a moment we also got a call that Lucek from Ustroń was lame. And he will never stand by the route anymore. So he lost his few rights, including the right to a poor life.

This is how you met Lucek and you. This is how he found our website. This is how Internet users will read about him. And they will decide. Because the life of Lucek, a brave mountain pony, is in your hands today.


Your contribution is doubled.
Matching funds from Pledges for first 10k USD.
(US donors enjoy tax break)