04.11.2021 Update
Lusia is already with us!

And on her behalf we bow down to you. Nothing will be able to express our gratitude for this next saved life. Lusia has already come to us and she is slowly getting used to the new reality. Only a blacksmith, a veterinarian, and in a moment she will breathe fully in autumn and the peace of our asylum. Once again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Her story

Lusia once had her home. The real one that every pony in the world dreams of. Lush green pastures to the horizon, black earth beneath her hooves, and a gusting wind in the mane belonged to her. Days, months, years passed. Lusia’s life flowed from east to west. She had her farm, her master and her 4 m2 in the barn. Luxury. She lived in her village like in a fairy tale. She didn’t know there was another world. The world that lurks around the corner and is about to call for it …

They came for Lusia under the cover of night. She didn’t know why the one she trusted so much that night was tugging her like never before, when she refused to go and was trying to free herself from the grip. She stood with one foot on the gangplank – and suddenly the joy of life flew from her eyes like camphor. In the moonlight she walked step by step into the darkness that was tearing her heart and the faith in human beings apart. By the time she had passed the last meter, she was already indifferent. Her dreams were taken from her, her dignity was stripped away, and the wind was taken from her mane. She lost everything that night. A world she had never heard of before came for her.

When I look into her barn, it’s already late. In the streets, lights go out, lanterns awkwardly diffuse the darkness. The world is flooded with undisturbed peace and quiet. There will be no more whistle of the whip that cuts through the stale air and shatters hope to pieces. There will be no screams and jerks, insults and humiliations. The day is over. One of the last days. Lusia can place her head on the concrete floor and fall asleep. Nights are the only few hours when the gray pony does not need to be afraid.

But each night brings her closer to what is to come anyway. When the gangplank crashes again for her … When the whip, torn and chased by a whistle, rises again, which will tear the night apart and fill her with fear … When her dreams and faith completely die. Then she will realize that she was never wanted and loved. Because true love begins where we love someone who is useless to us. And perhaps this awareness would kill her first, before the knife blade glows above her head, taking away everything the pony have ever had. Maybe when they think that they are taking her life, she will be dead in her heart a long time ago.

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