Long, long time ago, so long that I don’t remember well, I think I was still a foal, I had dreams . Oh, if you only knew what beautiful dreams I had, what plans I had. At that time, I was living in a small stable, including animals. I looked at the world through a small window and a door that kept opening again and again. Someone was still visiting me. People were telling me about a beautiful world, far beyond the boundaries of our stables. I imagined myself racing at a gallop and the warm breeze blowing my beautiful mane. I saw myself resting in a meadow, eating fresh grass in the sunshine. I dreamed of a light rain falling on my back and a rainbow coming out on it. I wanted to feel what it was like to have someone who would love me and care for me. I wanted what everyone was talking about. Is that a lot?

But the years passed and my dreams flew by. I had neither the time nor the strength to fulfill them. Nobody showed me this beautiful world that I heard about when I was a child. Nobody loved me unconditionally and truly. I have served man to live. I did everything that can be done in such a horse life. I gave birth to foals because man wanted to. Although no one ever asked if I wanted to. I worked. I pulled the horse-drawn carriage and humbly served with my back because they ordered. Although no one ever asked if I had the strength. I patiently endured the jerks and being the usual riding gear. I said goodbye to my dreams because just thinking about them hurt. It was burning a hole in my ever older heart. It left a mark and caused tears.

One day I woke up and I couldnt see the loight. Everything I knew so far was gone. Literally. Do you know what it’s like to loose the whole world in one second? I have become blind. Then everything happened very quickly. My owner sold me as soon as I was diagnosed. And when, as a gray-haired grandmother, I was exhausted and sick enough to send me back without any remorse, they sent me on a wandering around the world. From Romania, I traveled all the way to Poland. To kill me here. An old, skinny and blind Makówka. An ordinary mare with irretrievably lost dreams. Is there any hope for me yet?


I’m standing at the traders’ today. The vet didn’t see me here. Because probably no vet ventures into such places. The trader said I was nervous and rude and wanted to get rid of me quickly. You know, when I fidget on my chain, he forces me to obey. I don’t have to tell you how. I’m not even trying to hide. I’m not trying to dodge. He’s gonna get me anyway. I don’t even know exactly where I am. I have nowhere to hide. I heard him talk to the people who came to save me. “She is blind and old stupid mare.” He told them to take me, but not for free. They have to collect the necessary amount. And come back for me so that I can still live. You know, it takes 11,300 zlotys (2821 USD) to get away from here. Good people took some photos of me so you can see me. What do you see? Am I worth your help? I’d love to. If the merchant doesn’t receive his payment by January 13, you’ll never hear of me again. My name is Makówka and I am asking you with all my strength – support my redemption. You are my only hope. The last dream.

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