11th of October 2021 Update

Dear friends

You have a great heart and a great power. You can change fate. What until recently had seemed unthinkable to Mania and her little daughter Muszka, has become reality. Not only  they are not in danger anymore, but they have gained much more – a real home and a huge group of friends, who proved that their fate is not indifferent to them. Thank you with all our hearts, most beautifully!


For someone who has little, but really little – it would seem that nothing can be taken away. However, Mania and her little daughter Muszka are looking into the lens today and are begging you to stop the world. Because the world wants to rob them of what they have left. From their lives.

I won’t tell you their story. Because I don’t know it, but I will tell you the final. Because this one is like a thousands of others. A few days will pass and Mania will climb up the gangplank of some truck. Behind her, obediently, on her short legs, Muszka will trick up. Because the baby is always where its mom is.

Nobody will hear about them. No one will be sorry. Nobody can object to the fact that the world is taking them on a final journey. Because we all create this world. A world of unequal opportunities.

Because man got this planet to manage it wisely. But he confused management with exploitation. And instead of taking care and treating it with respect – he just takes what he wants. He takes because he can. And the consequences will reach the next generations.

We all have children. But somehow the human ones – in our opinion – deserve much more than any other. After all, Muszka is a child. But a child of a different species. This ensures that her death does not upset anyone. And the world will lead her to the door of the slaughterhouse, unmoved, and return to its own affairs. The mother cannot do anything. She can only watch and suffer. And pray that she will be slaughtered first. Because mothers, of any species, should not watch their children die.

Muszka looks into the lens and rolls her eyes. Mania stands proud and calm, trying to hide her terror in the big, dark eyes. As if it would change something and turn the tide.

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