Update 15/9/2021

Thank you for saving Marlenka! We can breathe a sigh of relief – Marlenka and her son are now safe. They have already come to us, where they will not suffer any harm and will be cared for in the best possible way – it would not have been possible if it were not for you. Thank you that you did not pass by them indifferently. Thank you with all our hearts for giving them life.

Marlenka’s story

Poland, a country of Uhlan traditions, and there are plenty of torturers here. We decided that since we are stronger, they are to serve us, to bring profit, and when the possibilities of earning money disappear and they are no longer useful, we unscrupulously sell them to the slaughterhouse. In the butcher’s trucks, the old, the young, the sick and the healthy are standing in a row. There are mares, stallions, geldings, pistols and foals. We take them up the butcher’s gangway with the whip. We kill them all because we can. We kill for profit. This is Poland. XXI century.

The trader forcibly pulls a small mare out of her cell. A foal, several weeks old, is walking next to her. An old leather halter, which led many horses to slaughter is wraped tightly around her head. When we ask why these two horses are to be killed, no answer is given. There is no special reason. Someone just decided it was time for them and sold it for meat.

Neither Marlenka nor her son have any rights today. Where they are, no one is interested for them to live. At the mercy and disgrace of people, they are waiting for the execution of the death sentence. Locked in their cell, they will feel the wind in their mane when they are forcibly pulled onto the butcher’s gangway.

We still have a chance to change that. If we manage to collect PLN 4,300 (1110 USD) by September 15, they will be alive. Please help Marlenka and her little son. Please, save them

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