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Update 12/23/2021
Marusia and Mikołaj are safe!

Thank you! Marusia and Mikołaj are already with us, they will not be in danger anymore. They have their place on Earth, where they will feel peace and love, discover the charms of life. We bow down to you on their behalf! Marusia and Mikołaj still have to go into quarantine, visit a veterinarian, and then join the ranks of the remaining horses that have survived. Thanks again!



Their story

Bay, huge Marusia stands pressed into a dark corner of an old barn, a barn at the edge of the world. A place where you would never venture. Little Mikołaj is hugging the mare. He was born a few weeks ago, and he already knows that it is not worth getting close to a man. Because his mother was close to a man all her life. A lifetime of devotion, that today she pays the highest price for. Because there are people in this world for whom a horse’s heart should not beat. Except, as they say, the heart is not a servant …

A huge recreational center in central Poland. Dozens of horses stand in a row, all humble and on duty. Neither of them is here permanently. This is not the place where you live until your retirement age. You are lucky even to see the second season. Because hardly any horse can stand the conditions here. Season after season, more horses descend from the podium and others do not. Just for a moment. The favorites of the audience and tourists come, and in the next season they leave, noone remembers them, no one asks about them. It’s sad but true. Such momentary love. Seasonal. It’s a business after all. No one will keep old or sick horses here. Old age does not pay off. Pity is out of style. It’s good to earn. And someone has already earned their money on Marusia. She served here for many years, trained many adepts, and was said to be an idol of children. Always obedient, always doing what they said, never objected. She followed you step by step, endured whips, screams, kicks and jerks on the face. After all, children need to learn how to handle a horse. If she had objected, she would have left there a long time ago. Who knows what would bring less suffering ..



Marusia looks at us with a sad resigned gaze, hangs her head and freezes motionless. Her story is not unusual. It’s just her hay days have passed, she’s just worn out. She had a foal at the end, but that did not save her. So she would like to save at least Mikołaj, as any mother would like to save her child. But she is only a horse. Although she has worked hard all her life, she has not earned a single penny for herself. This world won’t listen to her for free. It doesn’t listen to old, worn-out horses. There is nothing the old mother can do to save her son. So she pokes the little one with her nose, making him move back and not to approach us. She doesn’t know we’re her only option. She doesn’t even know that before the hour of their death they will be separated, forever. And she would not save him from destiny, she would not be with him when his eyes fill with terror.



A small window to the side, with metal bars. And behind them a snow-covered world, covered with white fluff, and the smell of smoke from chimneys. While this world is getting ready for Christmas, Marusia is getting ready to die. In the distance, colorful lights shine in the windows, the sky is already turning gray. Gray and frosty. After all, it’s December. It’s high time for real winter. This is how it is behind all the windows of this Polish world as I write this text. This will probably be the case in these few days, outside the window of the famous Polish slaughterhouse. When Marusia and little Mikołajek will walk along the narrow corridor, the world hidden under the white down will slowly look for the first star. Then it will be terrifying. And then it suddenly gets so quiet, so very quiet. And by the time the first star rises, they won’t be there anymore.