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Mela is still waiting for her prosthesis. She now has regular dressings regularly changed and injections to relieve her pain. The wound was very deep and until it will heale properly and scarred – only then we can whink of putting it on. Unfortunately, her condition is currently unchanged, she is visited by a vet every day to control the situation and take care of her in the best possible way. The production of a prosthesis may take even several long weeks, because we are not able to buy it in Poland, we have to bring it from abroad. Mela is certainly very grateful for every penny donated to her and we thank you very, very much on her behalf. As soon as the situation changes, we will inform you immediately.



Her Story:

I will take you on a journey. It will be about struggle and suffering. And a little bit about winning. You have to write the rest yourself. It’s up to you to decide on the final. So take a seat. Meet little Mela.

We already know that some animals are less fortunate than others. As if they were not in this line, or had a temporary lack of happiness and they just ran out of luck. Mela probably did not know at all that they were giving away happiness. Not even a crumble of it fell off. If there are worshiped horses in this world, Mela is at the other extreme.



Another December day. Snow fell. Frost enveloped the world. Mela is near Warsaw, she has traveled some kilometers. A trader picked her up. The gangplank fell. It was slippery. And it happened.

The little girl looks pleadingly into the lens. A moment ago she tried to get off the trailer up the steep gangway. It is not easy to walk without one leg. God gave Mela four legs. But the man deprived her of one.

Mela casts pleading glances for someone to pick her up. Because she is not able to get up alone. He flaps his legs helplessly in the air. She finally stops and rolls her eyes. This is one of the most drastic cases we have seen. We rushed right away. As much as winter allowed. Though we weren’t sure if she would wait for us. Because it was difficult to determine her condition from a distance.

She waited. Alife. Her heart pounded as we approached her. But she didn’t swing her legs anymore. She has already exhausted her strength. She’s just a foal. Most of her faith must have been exhausted as well. She’s only six months old. Maybe not even that. She hasn’t learned yet that the world can be cruel. There is still fire in her eyes, a glimmer of hope is burning, which we did not want to extinguish, for which we want to fight.



We thought for a long time what to publish, how to publish and whether to do it at all. The film is drastic. We rarely throw in such films. And we do not fully know what happened on one of the previous December days. Some talked about the recess of a hoof tin, others about an unfortunate accident, there was also a version with an chopped leg with an axe. We did not want to spend half the day speculating and investigating there. These were secondary at the moment. The most important thing was to take Mela home as soon as possible.

Sometimes I wonder if we, as the world, are really moving forward, or maybe we are going backwards? Whatever happened in little Mela’s life, it caused her unimaginable suffering. When we arrived, the leg was still bleeding and little Mela was throwing herself in some madness. We helped her get up once again.


You probably read somewhere that horses suffer in silence. If it were otherwise, Mela’s scream would break the silence hundreds of kilometers away. When she finally calmed down and allowed herself to come closer to her, I could hear her breathing rapidly. As stead as she could, trying to find her balance. She was shaking and her heart nearly popped out of her chest. Her eyes closed for a moment and she leaned her weight against me. Finally she could lean on someone. Because she’s been really alone all her life. Even if it’s only a few months.

I stroked Mela’s shabby mane, and she was walled up. She stood as if she wanted to put her whole world in my hands.

I stroked her the tiny warm nostrils, and she didn’t budge. She was standing there and the whole world was spinning around me. “Who did this to you baby?” I was thinking quietly, so softly as not to disturb her. Finally she raised her head and looked at me, a sea of ​​pain flowing in her eyes. I looked at the blood-soaked bandage and the red stains in the snow. I would take it in my arms, but it was too big ..

The trader was silent. He was mixed up with the versions of what really happened. Then he added that he had bought her at the market. He doesn’t know from whom. We did not believe it. Mela had a home, she was born somewhere and something happened somewhere that turns the snow red today. Today we have to deal with Mela, but we’ll be back tomorrow. And we are going to look for the man who did this to her.

Because although the world is in the age of progress, somehow when I look at Mela, I have the impression that this progress is a parody.


We are collecting tens of thousands of zlotys. We have to pay for transport, we have to pay for diagnostics and treatment for Mela. We have to keep hope in this little one. We are begging you, help her. There is no time to lose. At the moment, we do not know how her vets will help, but we believe that she has a lifetime ahead of her. We will try to get a prosthesis for the little one so that she can function normally. This will be the greatest cost.

We picked her up here this December day. We are ready to help her get up many times. But we will not be able to do it without your help.