21st of October UPDATE
Mgiełka and Maciek are safe! Thank you!

Maciek is looking around at the new place with obvious interest. He doesn’t know yet that she can call it his home. Mgiełka observes everything from a slightly greater distance, perhaps we will have to convince her a little longer. The most important thing, however, is that they are already safe. Trust and a sense of security will come over time, and we will do our best to make it happen as soon as possible. Thank you! Mgiełka and Maciek are still alive thanks to you!

Mgiełka is on the way when we return a few hundred kilometers, from visiting Kreska and her baby Melisa, not much further. Mgiełka’s son, Maciek, is more approachable than she is, as if he did not feel the fear of people yet. He comes up to us, even stuffs his nostrils into our camera lens and searches for delicacies. At least we think so. Maciek was rejected by Mgiełka. It’s a young donkey, and it happens.

She abandoned him in the pasture and went to the herd. Barely alive Maciek was sold by the farmer to his neighbor – simply fearing the loss. The donkey survived, brought to Mgiełka for feeding several times a day and later fed from the bottle. Now that he is on his feet, death has returned for him, despite the fact that the little one grasps life tightly and refuses to let it go. The neighbor never wanted donkeys, he took it, because the wife was concerned about the situation of the abandoned animal.

Now, when the little one has revived and his crooked donkey legs are already leading him around the barn – the neighbor, like his predecessor, does not want to be at loss. He decided to sell the donkey as long as it stands on its crooked legs. He explains to us that the milk is expensive, that you have to get up all the time, that the donkey roars in the morning and does not let you sleep. We look again at Mgiełka, at her dingy gaze and fluffy hair. And we realize how, in just a moment life or death is decided. First there is a thought. Then, one phone call. Then you go up the gangplank. And then – “after life”. No complications.

Mgiełka and Kreska are fighting today, for their lives and their children’s lives. They fight together without even knowing they exist. We will not return the childhood to Kreska, we will take away the traumas from Mgiełka. But we can give both the freedom of carelessness. Even if their temples are gray and their joints are sore, old age can also be beautiful. The old age is wise. On the other hand, Maciek and Melisa could, carelessly, live the rest of their lives, that are just starting – today is too early to die for them … this is not the time and the place is wrong. There are many more beautiful places from which you can gallop to the other side the rainbow. If it exists at all … because who knows, is there anything at all where all these horses go? Maybe there is no golden autumn at all, which is now spreading over our country on the Vistula … maybe this is the only time when their hooves run over brown leaves and their manes are blown by the cool October wind? Maybe there will never be a second chance again …


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