CCTV surveillance to protect the animals

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Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks to your help, since 2006 we have been helping where it is most needed. Our actions are effective. We have repeatedly convicted animal abusers, and although the sentences are not always satisfactory for us, we continue with our efforts. During these 15 years, thanks to our interventions, we have saved the lives of hundreds of animals. Many of them are still with us, because the harm done by the executioners is impossible to make up for, and thus not all of them have a chance of being adopted. They are mainly horses and dogs.

They live in our two centers: in Szczedrzykowice and in the Przemkowski reserve. These are their homes. For today, for tomorrow, and for many of them forever.

All these years we have seen terrifying events and we are aware that there are people in this world who are vengeful beyond believe and without conscience. Over time there have been many attempts to intimidate us. In many cases we had to perform our interventions with the assistance of the police, because the people who abuse animals often show great aggression towards our team. We have been threatened many times. And while we are indifferent to the threats directed at us, we are terrified of the possibility of harming those animals that we have saved together with You. Most of the people from whom we took the animals away are reoccurring offenders, often with very heavy sentences in the past.

While we  are conducting more and more interventions, we are forced to provide care and safety to the animals living in Szczedrzykowice and the reserve.

We urgently need to install CCTV video surveillance in both places. And we cannot wait. Please help us protect them.  Donate and make them safe.