Mother and baby

13th of September Update

We are so grateful for your enormous hearts and concern for the fate of those who cannot defend themselves. For many years you have been proving to us that helping the innocent is the most beautiful gesture that can be done.

We see it every time we take an animal out of the trader’s barn. We can see it now, in the eyes of the Mother who can promise her daughter for the first time that nothing bad will happen, that she is safe, that she will have a long and happy future. Mother and daughter had little. Not even their own names. But fortunately they had at least you! You did not disappoint! Thank you!


Their story:

A village located several dozen kilometers from Warsaw. A farm with a small slaughterhouse. All in accordance with the law and conscience of the owner.

It is here that a desperate mother and her child await death. Locked in a butcher’s cell. Devoid of the sight of the rising sun and the moon sliding across the starry sky at night. Robbed of freedom, the taste of grass, the wind to tangle the tail and mane. Taken from their herd. Taken out of the house. Without any care or concern. No name. Treated like a thing.

Forced to endure unbearable things.

Mother and her beloved child. All they have is themselves. And they still have life, although a man with a knife will take this life away from them in a moment. Because such a decision was made by a man selling them for slaughter. If we don’t do anything for them today, when the killing time comes, they will be separated. In the next cell, their end will come one after another. One will hear the other die, in terror, losing control of the bladder. And nothing seems to help their cry for rescue. Their despair. Panic fear.

Nothing impresses the butcher, who has been slaughtering animals for over 30 years. Neither is he easy to talk to or even superficially nice. He gives the price and date, immediately informing that if we are even an hour late, they will be gone. We do not argue, there is no one here. We look at an old leather apron, and his face, expressing reluctance. Research shows that people who perform the slaughter take their frustration out on animals. As if death itself was not enough …

Mother and her beloved child. Helpless. At the mercy of people.

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