1st of October 2021 Update
Myszka is safe!

Thanks to your invaluable help, we managed to buy Myszka. It will take some time to convince her that she is safe and that there is nothing to be afraid of, but the most important thing is that she is already with us. That we can take care of her – and the trust will certainly come with time. It would not be possible without you – thank you on behalf of the Myszka! You guys are really amazing!

When the gangplank crashed to the ground, a gray, short mare peeked out of the back of the truck. She swept the yard with her large, terrified eyes. She inhaled the rising dust and hot summer air. And she was gone. She hid in the car, pretending she wasn’t there at all. And only once, standing in the gloom corner of the truck, she screamed softly, begging for help.

She wouldn’t come down. All her muscles trembled with fear. She was very scared. She fought as hard as she could, although the trader didn’t spare her the whip, and the old halter cut painfully into the delicate head. Perhaps she knew the final countdown would begin as soon as she put her hoof on the ground? Maybe she sensed the impending death, and yet she still wanted to live. She wanted very much, even if her life wasn’t special, all filled with subordination to man.

When we ask, the trader says that Myszka was sold because she had let a man down. She was supposed to get pregnant, and once again she is not. And it didn’t matter that she worked for her master for years. It doesn’t matter that she did everything he said. In the world of profit-oriented livestock, there is no place for mares that do not bear children. Nobody wants to keep such horses in the countryside. They are taken to a slaughterhouse so that no one will have to be ashamed of them anymore.


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