1st of October 2021 update

We can hardly hold back tears of emotion – Narnia and Niuniek are safe!
Thanks to you, Niuniek will be able to develop his childhood curiosity, and Narnia will not have to fear for him and her life anymore. Now only fragrant hay, wind in the mane and true carefree roaming. Once again – thank you!

Their story

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be completely indifferent to the world? What it’s like not to have the unconditional right to live, let alone love. If you don’t know what it’s like, ask the gray-haired Narnia and her son Niuniek. He will tell you the details if you want to listen.

Poland, in the era of demonstrations to protect animals and natural wealth, and thousands of ecological innovations, exports about 30,000 horses per year for slaughter. Here the world seems to have stopped. We slaughter about half in Poland, the rest, crowded in lorries go along the motorways towards Italy and France. We’re on the podium here. Once the land of the lancers, today it is famous for its slaughter business. On the slaughter transport we can find retired horses, pet horses, those for carriage and those taken off the plow. Mothers with children are also going. Narnia would soon be climbing the gangplank of such truck. Behind her, humbly, full of trust, little Niuniek will trample. The world that will cease to exist for them a moment later will not even hear or remember them. Their greatest tragedy, death, will be a forgotten in a second. And again, more trucks will be on the road. The sun will rise again, another summer will come. They will be more news on TV, someone will go out to walk a dog through the streets of Warsaw. Life will go on. But not for Narnia and her son Niuniek. To be today and not to exist tomorrow. And you can whine loudly, it’s pointless as nobody will hear you.

Narnia has lived a long time. She gave birth to many foals. That was her job and duty. In order to have the right to hay, oats and water, you need to earn money. The foals were slaughtered in bulk. It’s quick and easy buck. Niuniek is her last child. This time Narnia accompanies him on the last journey. No matter how she wanted to save him, there is nothing she can do. It’s a law of the jungle.

The merchant releases Narnia and Niuniek on the yard. The baby went out in the sun for the first time in his life today. He came out only to look us all in the eye, to fight for his life in front of the camera. Gray Narnia urges him tenderly. She knows the punishment for disobedience, remembers every lash and every kick. We only have 3 minutes when the dealer takes a spade resting against the barn and aims it at the terrified mother. Narnia, chasing the baby again, runs through the door where her place is. We were not allowed in there.

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