Urgent and last minute. The Narnia you see in the photo is standing in the transfer station. So she came from somewhere to a place where dozens of horses gather – and from here, with her companions of misery, she will go on her last journey. Not in a week, not in two. This Wednesday, February 9 in the evening.

Narnia is weak. We are afraid that it will not last. The host of the whole business, an elderly man in a long, tattered coat, came to us reluctantly, even less willingly allowing us to take pictures.

Narnia came here from the borderland. She gave birth to foals all her life on one farm. Surely she pulled the cart as well as took part in other attractions for typical country horses.
The last attraction for those who come from the countryside is the slaughterhouse. A place where the horses that this world has deleted from the list of those entitled to live gather.

The list includes those from breeding and those from sports. They are also from carriages and farm carts. There is no shortage of old and young. There is no shortage of unwanted, forgotten and used ones. There is also Narnia. I don’t know which category she falls into. Or maybe to all at once ..

We won’t save everyone. We will not choose. Narnia was the first we saw there. Maybe she’s not the most beautiful. I do not even know. I just looked into those huge eyes. She is definitely not the youngest. Maybe the oldest. I also don’t know if she’s the most afraid. Or maybe she doesn’t know where he is or what it is all about. Because it’s really hard to understand all this for someone who doesn’t count it all into money.

I will not write any further. Because time is precious to everyone. Especially for Narnia. Because it was all that was left for her when they brutally took her hope and stripped her of dignity.

We have until February 9th. So just a moment to collect PLN 8,800 (2215 USD). To pay for Narnia’s life and transportation. To restore her hope and dress her with dignity, until she leaves one day alone, when she says goodbye to this world, because she decides it is time. Can you help?

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