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Thank you for saving Obierek!

Does Obierek have any idea what awaits him now? He certainly senses some changes, because he is looking around our farm with genuine curiosity. He stared at his dinner with even greater amazement as if he couldn’t believe it – are these delicacies for him?
From now on, Obierek will receive the best. The tastiest bites, lots of strokes on long, fluffy ears, and above all, the best care and company of other donkeys – right after his quarantine ends and the veterinarian decides that there are no contraindications for him to join them.
Thank you with all my heart. Thank you for showing Obierek that his gentle character can be rewarded. Thank you!

His Story:

They called him Obierek “Peeling”. Maybe you can guess why, maybe not. Because you might not think that an old donkey was standing in an old shed, hidden from the world just behind an elegant motel. And that old donkey only got peelings. Not that donkeys are picky. They are not. But Obierek was extremely conciliatory. More than any other donkey. He endured screams, jerks and whips. Because on a stubborn donkey there was a stick with a strap leaning at the entrance. If one day he refused to go out to the guests. Or he was reluctant. Old donkeys must not linger.

But Obierek was never, never stubborn. The owner of the motel bought him a few months ago. He hoped that the hotel season would start this winter, as in the mountains, and that the spotted donkey would be a huge attraction. After all, during the weekends, the children were delighted with Obierek. Humble, obedient, gentle. He never complained. He let himself be patted on the head and tugged at those long ears sticking out to the sky. After all, it was his job. And Obierek treated his work very seriously. He was too old to indulge in antics.

Golden autumn has passed. Winter passes and the first snow covers the area. Cold nights hide Obierek in a tiny barn, and the motel is in decline. Winter government restrictions come in.

The motel already got rid of its llamas, chickens and cow. He’s sold out the entire mini zoo. Only spotted Obierek, which no one wanted was left. Because who needs an old donkey that stands by a wooden fence with its ears right to the sky? It’s worth nothing for anyone. Old age does not pay off.

Obierek stares at the lens and pushes his ears back. He knows he can’t count on much. As if he perfectly understood that in the world which he lived in, he is worth nothing. He lived his mornings and evenings wherever he was. And at the end of his life, he is completely alone.

The landlord doesn’t want to wait too long. He says he wants to recoup the losses associated with the motel, that it’s about Christmas, and that the prices per kilo of meat are good. As if to put it all together – it just pays off for the man to slaughter him now. And nothing will change it.

Only you have that power. Almost magical. Because the only thing that can save Obierek is a miracle. And miracles rarely happen to old donkeys.