08.11.2021 Update
On behalf of Okruszka – thank you!

No words can express our gratitude for your wonderful help you gave to this blind mare. Okruszka is already with us and although her world is obscured by darkness, we are convinced that she absorbs the peace of our asylum with every breath. She knows she is safe among her own people. Among people who would never hurt her. Among people who will love her for what she is.

Thank you on behalf of Okruszka. Thank you for giving her a chance for a better, dignified life. Thank you!

Her story

Her name is Okruszka. And she is begging to save her life.

Blind Okruszka twirls nervously between the old wooden boards that limit her world. She pauses every now and then, looks at us with one eye, and then she moves and bangs her head against the fence. If only she was more beautiful … if she could only see better … if she could jump … if she could move gracefully … then, probably, she wouldn’t be standing here today. Probably… because you never know.

Her mother is a country mare, her father is a country stallion. Both of them served as meat-producing machines. This meat stands in front of you today, it weighs almost 1000 kilograms and it’s name is Okruszka. She is begging you to save her life.

There is no tragic story. Nothing tragic happened in her life. In fact, not much has happened in her life at all. She was born into the world, she was with her mother for a while, but her mother was taken and slaughtered. She is her last child. She has been alone all her life.

There were a few people willing to take her to pull the carriage, but when she bumped into various equipment and fell over on the asphalt road, it was stated that blind horses are as good as dead. And so she returned to her chain. And they fed her and stuffed her with food so she could weight more. Until the day came when someone took her out, patted her with a wooden stick and said it was time to meet her mother.

Okruszka was loaded onto the truck and transported to the kill market. She smashed the first box with her head. The merchant put her in the other one with stronger planks. Okruszka, stunned by the amount of everything that is happening around is running around looking for a way out. A way out no one had foreseen for her. Anyway, little was foreseen for Okruszeka. Horses like her are a typical “business as usual”, sad, impatient, terrifying. Here, usually no one lets them grow up, nobody cares about fear in their eyes and if they are out of breath from terror.

Her name is Okruszka. And she is begging you for her life.

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