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Update 23 of December 2021

Olaf saved!

You gave Olaf the most beautiful gift for this Christmas! You gave him the rest of his life! A chance for the old donkey to see the charms of this World, to be loved and cared for. Thank you! After the mandatory quarantine, Olaf will join the ranks of the remaining donkeys with whom we hope he will make amazing friendships!



Olaf’s story

It’s time for everyone to get off the stage. Olaf was at the top for a long time, adored by people. Today he is standing here before you and must plead for his life. It all depends on whether you are moved by his gaze or by his story. Will you decide that it is worthwhile for a small, gray donkey to live a dignified retirement?

Olaf has been “for someone” all his life. Devoted, hard-working, full of willingness and heart to serve people. With his ears to heaven, he always stood at the elegant entrance gate and greeted visitors. Days, months, years passed. Olaf’s life had passed like a whip. Because life always goes by too fast. An old donkey was working in a small zoo, according to a trader. He has been there from the day he was born. Because his mother served there. And siblings.



The dealer forcibly drags the defying donkey to the second barn. The first one he doesn’t want to show us. Those animals are not for sale. He tugs, yells, and waves his whip. And Olaf’s eyes keep getting bigger and bigger. Donkey jerks harder and harder, but the big man is not impressed. And so it is known who is in charge here and passes the sentences. Eventually, Olaf is forcibly pulled into the room, where the trader releases the grip. The trader ties the donkey to a metal ring with a rope and measures out two whips. A mighty donkey squeal is heard as it tears through thick walls. We want to protest. We can barely stand still. But we know that the sentence will be passed immediately. We have nothing to say here. We can only stand and watch as the whip cuts the rump of a little donkey. It does not thunder, although it should have long ago. A few days ago, a man took his mother and siblings for slaughter. Olaf won’t see them again. He himself did not fit into the transport. But nothing is lost. He will go next time

Where Olaf lived was a small, intimate zoo. Near a small motel, on the main road to the sea. Everyone stops in such a place only for a moment. Coffee, tea, some dinner. And a donkey ride. For PLN 15 (3.5 USD), guests could pull Olaf by the ears and make a few circles on his spine. This gave Olaf the right to live. Because since man annexed the Earth, other creatures must earn their right to this life. Well, a brave donkey worked as much as possible on his small hooves. His heart only beat for a human.



Olaf you see in the photo today was not some outstanding donkey. On the contrary, he was regarded as a donkey nerd. He stumbled, or it got frightened by the brooms, or it stood there for an hour and looked at the sky. Therefore, he survived, the trader left it for the end, because there was a problem with loading it when he was taking it from the zoo. He was lying down on the gangplank, and he squealed like mad with terror, and he fell off the gangplank. And there is no time for such a comment here. Transport must be loaded quickly. Death is impatient ..