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18/05/2021 Update

We wipe our tears with emotion. We wholeheartedly thank you for saving Orzeszka and Okruszka! Mum and the little one quickly found a decent space in the hearts of our grooms.

The blacksmith has already shrugged off their hooves and the vet will check them in any moment. Soon they will be able to fully enjoy the charms of the sun. The vet will tell us where – whether on a nursery paddock in a reserve or on a farm.

One decision will end the world of Orzeszka and Okruszka. With one phone call, their owner took away their right to life. A few sentences were said and the death merry-go-round started. A trader’s truck rolls into the yard. The door opens with a crash. The butcher’s string tightens more and more on Orzeszka’s neck, and the whip painfully encourages her to enter. In the morning fog, like ghosts, mother and daughter climb the butcher’s track, both sentenced to slaughter. And their helpless last cry is unheard. Pleading for mercy is useless.
After a while, the car disappears in the distance and there is silence. Dead silence. There was a horse. Now there are Judas silver coins in the hand. The horse is gone.

Orzeszka pokes her beloved Okruszka with her nose. She knows the end is near. She looks at us, then at the trader, with her terrified eyes. She keeps the tiny Okruszka as close to herself as possible. She does what she can, although she knows she cannot save her. She can’t do anything. She’s just a crippled pony and ponies have no voting rights.

A man deceived Okruszka. As a result of illness and neglect, her legs are deformed and arched. She was supposed to have a house forever, but when she got lame, the owners didn’t want her anymore. To earn more on her, they decided to kill her and her child.
Orzeszka and Okruszka are already at the trader. They are the smallest and the weakest here. Tied up in the hallway, they eat and sleep on concrete that is full of excrement. It won’t be long now. If we don’t buy them by Friday, they’ll go to the slaughter.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are begging you for mercy on Orzeszka and her little Okruszka. PLN5,600 is needed to save and transport them. We know that you are helping as much as you can, but we also know that if we do nothing today, in a few days it will be too late for Orzeszka and Okruszka. These terrified animals will go to slaughter. And we will never be able to do anything for them again.
We are begging you, help us.
Today, every penny and every zloty counts for them.