OSTATNI “the last one”

12th of October Update

Beloved, nothing is impossible for you! Three days, that’s exactly how long Ostatni had. Three days of hope, but also great fear, what will happen if we do not manage to collect the right amount. Fortunately,  Ostatni had you – wonderful miracle workers! You changed his fate! We are touched and very grateful!

Now Ostatni will be visited by a veterinarian and a blacksmith, and after quarantine he will meet the other inhabitants of the Animal Farm!

Can you hear his shy snorts? His name is Ostatni “the last one”.

On Monday all eastern Poland was drowning in the night fog. It was like never before, mysteriously, quiet and somehow tragically promising, when the world went to sleep. Yes, just this Monday, few days ago a huge car rolled into the yard in one of the close by villages. Nobody in the village saw him, the TVs  drowned out the roar of the engine as he was passing more houses. The mighty Ostatni stood quietly with his chain almost grown into his neck. Well, it has grown, because here, in this village, no one lets horses out in the yard. It would be an unnecessary luxury. And in this yard you have to avoid luxuries.

He did not know that this truck was after him. He couldn’t have known that he was already on a list that was rarely abandoned. But maybe that is also good. It wouldn’t change anything. It would only take a few nights to pray that dying wouldn’t hurt.

Do you know that it’s not always good to be the first?

Ostatni “the last one” knows it. If he had been the first, he would not have been alive anymore.

But he was seventh in line. He simply did not fit. This circumstance saved his life. He stood and watched as his brothers and sisters were loaded. Before the fog cleared, the horses were probably already coming off the gangplank. One for the other. In single file. To be slaughtered. And then, this last Monday, he saw them for the last time. When the host threw him breakfast in the concrete manger the next day, his friends were probably already dead.

Its like that. There is life, there is no life. Snap. Today you are the king, tomorrow no one remembers you. Nobody even knew “the last one”. I don’t know where he comes from or what he did in his life. He was nothing to the world. No wonder no one will miss him and no one manifests in front of his barn.

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