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30th January Update.

Pako is already with us!
And on behalf of this brave kid, we thank you with all our hearts! However, this is not the end, because we made it a point of honor to fulfill his dream of strong, four legs and free play with other horses. Therefore, now that he himself is safe, we are collecting for a prosthesis that will make it easier for him!
Will you help us make this dream come true? On our and Pako’s behalf, we kindly ask for it! Please be with him until the end of the action, so that we can all see this brave horse take its first steps with its four working legs!


His Story:
Some people want to travel around the world for Christmas, someone dreams of a dollhouse, someone else would like a telescope to observe the stars. There are wishes of new flat screens, multifunctional laptops, electric scooters, coffee machines and bio cosmetics from the other side of the world. Watches and modern household appliances are year by year on top of the wishlist.

My name is Pako, I am 10 months old. If I could write my letter to Santa Claus, I would ask him for a new leg.

Don’t ask me how it happened. I just remember that one day I opened my eyes. I tried to get up but I couldn’t. I jumped up with all my strength and fell like a hand puppet. I was crashing down like crazy, looking ridiculous, but it was a big deal to me. I wanted to walk! You know! I watched other horses walking around me, but somehow it never worked out for me. Some people came for these other horses, they looked at them, pet them, kissed them and took them away. They all looked at me with some pity and disgust in their eyes, whispered something, sometimes laughed. But they always left without me. I wanted to tell them that it was just a leg, that it would grow. Is it true that it will grow up one day? I wanted so much to get up and just go, my biggest wish! Show them that I can, I wanted to be like other horses. After all, I was not worse ..



I wanted to go anywhere, even a meter ahead, even to the bucket of water. But what was normal for others, was impossible to me every day. I had to wait for the man to come and lift the bucket with his foot. And I always waited with my mouth in the straw. Sometimes I waited a long time. I guess they had a lot of other responsibilities. When I was thirsty, I crawled, but you probably know that foals are not natural crawlers. At least this was something I was getting better at in time .. one hoof, the other hoof, a roll on the back .. suddenly the world was turned upside down. I was rolling, one time I rolled under the straw, the other I rolled on the straw. I know that one day I would be walking.

I don’t know why, but no one got rid of me. At least not right away. I think they liked me anyway! I stayed with my mother for a long time, I often lay under her hooves, and she looked at me as if I was her whole world. I didn’t feel different or worse. I was just Pako, Pako without a leg. I didn’t know they were only holding me because I’m a fat horse. My three legs didn’t matter here. It was important to gain weight. The more the better. And the more I weighed, the harder it was to walk ..

I was in one place for a long time, I had my few meters in my barn. I could roll around there, swing my three legs, and somehow learned to walk on my three limbs. I was strong, oh how strong I was! After all, they called me Pako … I couldn’t be different. So far, I have been watching the world from the straw level, lying down a lot and waiting for the day when my leg will grow. But days passed, weeks passed, and finally months … and my leg was still the same. Slowly I learned to function, although my body began to twist strangely and my other leg began to hurt more and more.


But somehow I was alive at my own pace. In front of my mother. Until one day my mother disappeared. My whole world disappeared with her. I was suddenly all alone. I wanted to jump up and look for her, but I couldn’t. I forgot that I can’t run, but I practiced persistently. I was sure I would meet my mother again someday. And then she could see me get up on my hooves and gallop. And she would be proud of me.

And so my story ends. Part of it, at least. I don’t know what will happen with me next. All I know is I’m just a horse. A slaughter horse. My three legs will lead me to slaughter in a moment. A narrow corridor to the end. I will fall to the ground again. And again, for a moment, I will see the world from that perspective. And then I will close my eyes. And then I’ll finally gallop. And I hope my mom sees it. And she will be proud of me.


The trader we took Mela from also called us about Pako. He claimed that Pako was born without a leg. We don’t know what the truth is. But we also decided to save Pako.


Your contribution is doubled.
Matching funds from Pledges for first 10k USD.
(US donors enjoy tax break)