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Updated on 07.02.2022
Thank you for saving Pandora and Paczusia!

The girls have already come to our farm and they would certainly be happy to visit it – especially the curious little Paczusia! Pandora and Paczusia still have to undergo quarantine and necessary tests, just like all our new pupils, but it is certain that the little one will welcome the first spring of her life here! Who knows, maybe girls will find a loving adoption house in time? We keep our fingers crossed for it!

On behalf of Pandora and Paczusia, we thank you with all our hearts!


Their story:

If many people, instead of pockets with money, were stuffing their hearts with kindness, you certainly wouldn’t know the story of Pandora and Paczusia. A mother and a daughter would not be standing in a dingy barn, with a butcher’s rope tied on their heads clinging to their lost dreams, hopes and faith in a human being. The rope deprives of many illusions. They would not experience this winter at the trader who sees only how much they weigh, like a mantra, these kilograms. Because it is true as old as the world, that if people valued the life of animals and did not see it as live meat, but as living creatures, you would not read this text today, and everything would look different around. But we will not change it in this fleeting moment, although it may be everyone’s New Year’s wish. Maybe someday, who knows, we will live to see the days when animals will be treated here as equal to us, because we are all guests here. But not now. Pandora cannot decide anything for herself, she is only a horse. And it is a small horse. Who would take a pony seriously… She helplessly waits to be whipped into a truck carrying animals like her to the slaughterhouse. The world does not spare even small, sweet and soft as feather ponies. Like Paczusia. She will run up the gangplank after her mother, hoof to hoof.

Pandora has a long history behind, but there’s nothing unusual about it. Just another pony working in recreation. She had a lot of strength, she had a place to work and a lot of tourists visiting her. But even that did not save her from a death sentence. Like millions of other animals before her, destined for slaughter in this world. Tiny Paczusia has just started her life, and is already at the end of her short journey. This is what man decided in his absolute domination. Because he can decide for others.And so mother and daughter are waiting for their end, and we have no words to describe the horror that the passing time has poured in their eyes. As if they knew that their clock is ticking louder and louder ..

Little Paczusia doesn’t know the sun, she will never see the starry night sky, she will not feel the wind in the mane and she will not learn how lush grass can be. She had never seen the world turn into winter and how snowflakes enveloped everything around. These Polish winters are what they are, they are changeable. Perhaps, as she is climbing the gangplank, the universe would give her a few snowflakes as goodbye, so that she would have something to think about, even for a moment, before despair and terror overwhelm her. Snuggled into her mother, she closely follows my every move. And Pandora silently asks us not to approach. Not to touch her baby. To go away and let them live. Even a moment longer.

I know so many animals are still waiting for help. I know that they have more dramatic stories, I know that they are more needy or old and sick. With this thought, helping the younger ones seems less urgent. But this is not true. Time flies just as fast for them. And they want to live too, but they don’t know how to ask you for this life.

So we ask for them today. We are asking for the terrified mother for the life of her child and for her defenseless Paczusia cuddling up to her. Mahatma Gandi used to say that “Good and bad must exist side by side, and man must make a choice.” Please choose well. Let’s save Pandora and Paczusia together. Let’s save them from death, which they do not deserve at all.