Shhh… can you hear? It was old age that knocked on my door. Without notice and without asking me for permission, she entered. She didn’t wait for me to open the doors, just bursted inside like a gust of wind. Like an uninvited guest who comes suddenly and doesn’t want to leave. With her coming, it got cooler, quieter, and sadder. She will stay with me forever, I know that …

It whispered in my ear that no one would cry for me. It said no one would help an old, weary mare, what for? It said my time was running out. That I will find out soon that it is not lying. And it fell silent. I thought it was gone, but no. Everything else was gone. Colors, people I’ve known so far, my house and the familiar view from the window. The body has become different, the strenght has worn out. Everything was covered with dust, even my dreams. Suddenly I found myself in a different, strange world. I realized that someone else had come here with the old age. The death itself. A man pushed her towards me. That’s how she found me. He threw me out sick and infirm. And I trusted him so much. I was a good mare, I wanted to deserve his love. I worked beyond my strength, I gave birth to foals all my life, which people keep taking from me. He took my kids from me, do you understand? For as long as I can remember, I was needed so that someone could earn on me. I have never received anything from a human, except a small corner of life and food. He showed me neither the beautiful meadows, nor the green grass, nor the changing seasons, nor even the place behind the house from which other animals’ sounds were sometimes coming. I can only imagine how beautiful the world is. I spent my whole life on that one farm, devoted to the man who has now abandoned me. When old age caught me, he decided he didn’t want me. And he said it was time to send me to the slaughter. I heard…

He kept his promise. He sold me. And now I stand, tied with a thin rope, at the place of someone they all call a trader. My old body is barely holding on. Sometimes I think that if it wasn’t for this rope, I wouldn’t have been able to stand on my own feet. I have no strength. Oh, how weak I have become… Somewhere in the distance I still hear the whistle of a whip. It reminds me of where I am. I also know that old age will not let go. It will always be with me. After all, it promised that my time would end. After all, it said that it never lies. But I think we can chase it away together. Just for a moment.

They call me Paprotka “Fern”. Maybe because I’m so delicate and fragile? I do not know. I would like to ask you for something today. Maybe this is my last time. Can you help save me? Even if old age will always be with me, I will not give up to death. Not yet. I promise. But please don’t leave me alone with her. Okay?

Beloved, we are asking on behalf of Paprotka for help in redeeming her. After years of working and serving people, she was sentenced to slaughter. She has been living in this world for many years, and when old age met her, she was simply abandoned. I know that we will not bring her back to those years and we will not make her tormented body still full of strength. But together we can make her autumn life worthy and full of love. In a safe place.

To be able to take Paprotka to us, we need PLN 11,300 (2798 USD). The merchant will wait, but only until 2nd of March. And not a day longer. Please support this old mare so that she can live.

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