Updated on 11/18/2021
Pola and Piernik are safe now!

And although little Piernik is still scared, we know that it will pass with time. He will soon find out that there is nothing to be afraid of! Nothing is happening to them anymore. They are among the people who really care about them. Now they are in quarantine, during which they will be taken care of by a veterinarian and a blacksmith, and then – a herd of remaining donkeys! We can’t wait to see Piernik go wild on the catwalk. Thank you with all my heart!

Their story

Pola’s huge eyes pierce my lens. For this one look, it was worth driving 570 km. Little Piernik nestles so tightly in her that she is about to fall over. He’s afraid of me as hell. He is afraid of not what he should be.

The host rushes me on, as he is feeding the pigs next to me, keeps reminding me loudly that he gave me 5 minutes. Because the butcher does not photograph, does not bother, does not negotiate prices and does not whine. He is a better client. In fact, the host let us in, because his wife insisted its not worth killing those donkeys. He doesn’t care. He needs money for Christmas because the family is coming down. He bought a donkey six months ago, but now you have to buy a carp, a new TV, tablecloth, Christmas tree decorations and also put something on a tray in the church. You have to kill the donkeys. No way out.

I try to pet Piernik, but he runs away and hides. It is said that he got this name from the grandsons of the host a few weeks before. But the kids played with the donkeys just for a while and then went to play on PlayStation. Donkeys are boring and not very interactive. This was the explanation of the host’s ruddy wife, who came to ask if I wanted a cup of tea.

“Stop it, woman! They are crazy people who lie down on the streets and throw tomatoes at you! Take pictures of these two and bye bye, get out of here! ” the host was indignant. But somehow it didn’t bother me. I didn’t want tea. I was looking at the little Piernik who was just learning to walk. He had huge ears which he waved in all directions. He looked everywhere as long as he was far away from me. When he heard the host’s voice, he stiffened and shook. When I held out my hand stubbornly, he was just as stubbornly cuddling up to his mother. And he probably thought that he was invisible then, because he made various faces and peered curiously in our direction. Pola stood in the same place all the time. She looked at us distrustfully but its not weird. She trusted someone once.

Trust and faith in people are scarce today. Animals such as donkeys have fewer and fewer reasons to believe that they will live old age.

It was dark when we left. A drizzle was falling from the sky, lantern lights blurred like great fireflies floating in space. It smelled of a damp evening, pine needles and country bliss. We rode and counted. If every passing car gave 5 zlotys to save Pola and her son, Piernik, we could take them already then.

But no one stopped. Nobody asks about Pola and Piernik. Because no one knows about these two.

That’s why I put a picture of them here, put them in an envelope and send them to you. You are their only chance.

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