Update 11/08/2021
Poranek is safe now!

On behalf of Poranek – thank You! We bow down low, full of emotions. There was so little time, we were so afraid it would not work, but that was completely unncecessary! As usual, you did not disappoint and Poranek is already with us. He looks curiously around the farm and would probably have gossiped with other ungulates by now, had it not been for the quarantine that awaits him. Patience, Poranek! As soon as your vet and blacksmith take care of you, you will join other horses. And you will not run out of time for talks!

My Story

We called it Poranek “The Morning”. Because when we got to the village it was barely dawning. And he stuck his head out of the broken window as if he was admiring the morning, slowly unfolding in the countryside.

He didn’t even notice us when we entered. He didn’t turn around. He just stood there and craned his neck as far as he could towards the still sleepy sky. Towards the November rising sun. Towards the winds from the north that were flexing yellowed autumn grasses.

I am not surprised, there was nothing to admire inside the barn. And there were probably a lot of people like us here. He looked at us for a moment. But then he returned to his window. Full of admiration for what is outside the window and indifference to what is in the barn. Because this barn was full of death. Past and future. All the horses from the last delivery have already gone to meet her. Only he was left. Because the truck was too small to take him.

The trader said that Poranek traveled several thousand kilometers to be slaughtered here. A long for such intentions. He is only two years old. And too playful of a character for a polite horse. Apparently he was supposed to be for the nursery. But as he was being trained he received a few lashes to the head and while saving his own skin, he gave his Lord a kick in terror. This gesture of self-defense have cost him his life. Immediately. Because man has the right to hit. The animal has to bear it humbly. Even if a man was to beat him to death. Such a fate.

Convicted of disobedience, he was loaded within an hour. Nobody stood up on his behalf. Because for what? A string of horses like him waited nearby. Perhaps others will be more humble.

And so we found Poranek here in this trading yard at the end of the world. He admired the chilly morning stubbornly as if it was the last time he was doing it. Because some people say that animals can feel what awaits them. And I think if they feel it, they also feel perfectly that there is nothing they can do about it.

While we were taking photos, a trader came in. The whistle of the whip cut through the air, disarmed the morning silence, and reached the horse’s belly. And then his head. He jumped, madly banging his head in terror against the shutters . He already didn’t care what he would do. Nobody will give a worse sentence …

We stood and clenched our fists. We silently let the tears flow. Sweaty, exhausted, with eyes wide, heart pounding, he finally noticed us. After a few lashes that cut the skin, he finally lowered his head to the ground. He no longer had the strength. Somewhere he realized it was useless. The man is stronger. And even if not, he is a master of repression.

We are silent. The trader is leaning on a thick stick and smiling to himself. The louder the frightened horse gasps, the wider the smile. How human! This manifestation of strength. I come closer towards Poranek. I stroke him over his warm nostrils, over his aching belly, over his shaky legs. He glances at me uncertainly as if he doesn’t know what to expect anymore. Because most of his life he danced to the whistle of the whip. He has learned that man is no good.

We cannot imagine leaving him to this man. We offer PLN 500 more than he wanted, as long as he agreed to take Poranek with us now. After all, he can wait here in our farm till we pay it back. It will not disappear .. And if we do not pay it back, the sentence will still be fulfilled.

The trader, tempted by several hundred zlotys, transported the horse to us. Of course, this additional cost was added as well. We signed a contract. We have time until November 5th. And not a minute more.

Before returning home today I watched as Poranek stared at the stars. He stood frozen and stretched his neck toward the navy blue sky and the constellations of stars. Today is the last such warm night, where our horses can spend the night on the paddocks. Not many of those nights left, and he had stayed that way. He was looking up there as if he wanted to remember everything beautiful. Before it goes away forever. As if he felt there was a moment here.

We have to pay PLN 9,800 (2465 USD) for it by November 5. Only then will we extend this short moment into a lifetime. Otherwise, it will remain just a moment.

We called him Poranek. But it doesn’t matter without you. Without you, there will be no more mornings and starry nights. Without you, this kid will never stretch his neck skyward again, but will place it humbly on the concrete floor. And instead of the first name, they will enter a series of numbers. He will become one of the millions that have passed unnoticed.


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