We want to thank you. For Pralinka’s life. Although not everything turned out as we would like. But there are things we can’t control. We are not lords of life and death.

When we got to Pralinka, we were worried whether she would wait for us. She was an older pony. We wanted to take her already. And never give up. We wanted to give her peace and security. The rest seemed obvious to us. We did not even think that when we come today for Pralinka .. we will find only Pralinka and we won’t find her little girl, Czekoladka.

I have already seen so many things that I know how to keep emotions in check, they often do not serve any purpose and it is not about temporary emotions. But when I saw that from the darkness of the cowshed there was only Pralinka walking .. and only Pralinka .. my throat tightened. I didn’t have to wait for an explanation.

Apparently he found a little one 2 days ago. She was already stiff and cold. She was lying there. Lying next to her mother.

So what if Mr. Józef counted 1000 zlotys less .. what will it change? Somehow it didn’t matter. We don’t know what happened. The transport took Pralinka. We were left with PLN 1000 and the memory of Czekoladka. Everything around us seemed unfair ..

Nobody can predict the course of life. None of us knows what will happen tomorrow. That is why I am reminded of a sentence as old as the world. Let us take care of the people and animals around us here and now. Because a watchmaker may surprise us. And it may be too late for some things.



Forever young, strong, healthy, beautiful. We rush through life as if it was given to us once and for all. And we rarely think about old age. It doesn’t care, it doesn’t take offense. And that’s how it comes to us. It takes us by the arm steadily and continues on. Old age seems absurd to us today, and in a moment we look in the mirror and ask ourselves, when did this life pass? Days, months, years passed. Life has elapsed. We pass away.

Animals age like humans. But no one gives them that choice about what to do with their lives. Everybody knows. They are supposed to work for man. Usually so that the man could earn. Sometimes for him to enjoy them. But the truth is, horses are rarely kept for the sheer pleasure of looking at them. Many eyes looked at Pralinka. She did everything in life. We don’t know where and when she was born. However, she returned to the same place many times. The landlord, Mr. Józef, sold her for the first time when she had only been through one winter.

She came back after a few years spent on an agritourism farm. She gave birth to a few foals, they went out into the world. Or not. We don’t know that. She went to recreation, worked somewhere with children, helped at fairs, they took photos with her. And then they forgot about her. And she returned to Mr. Józef again. She gave a foal again. She always stood in the same old shed when she returned. It was her haven. Before life drove her on.

And Pralinka was waiting for someone who would love her. She rarely thought about old age. However, she did not care, she did not take offense. And that’s how it came to her. And it carries her on.

Two years ago they bought Pralinka for life imprisonment. Mr. Józef did not take much for her. He just didn’t want her to come back. After all, she was getting older. And the old horse is a problem, often like the old men.

But a moment ago, on a gloomy September morning, Pralinka stood again in the paved courtyard, among autumn leaves, where it blew cold and all that had passed. This time, however, she was not alone. She stood there with her little daughter, who hugged her absentmindedly. She couldn’t have known her mother had been here so many times she probably didn’t even remember how many. Pralinka looked at us with her huge eyes, as if she wanted to ask when did this life passed?

We called the little foal Czekoladka (Chocolate). We wanted to add some sweetness to the fate that was so bitter for Pralinka. Mr. Józef came to us with a cane and said that he no longer had the strength to take care of the horses. They took them all for slaughter a few months ago, he did not expect that she, Pralinka, would come back to him again. “When I see her, Lady, I can see how old I am and how close I am to these leaves on the ground,” said Mr. Józef, staring at the milky mist above the meadows. Or maybe he wasn’t looking anywhere, it was just what we thought …

He took us to Pralinka, he gave us some time. She was staring at the lens, stretching her neck towards us, and the little Czekoladka was pacing around his mother, every now and then shyly approaching us, nibbling at the lens, and quickly, but awkwardly, running behind the mummy’s tail. We looked aty them and at Mr. Józef standing next to them. We looked at the great barn that used to be teeming with life. And which Pralinka had seen so many times. We watched as everything was falling apart and passing away, as time inexorably awakens us the day after birth and pushes the gray hair from our temples.

Yes, Pralinka. This is the last stop. You were young, strong, healthy, beautiful. You were like your chocolate, which cuddles up to you and shakes on its short legs. Everything is gone. You’re here again. But this time it will be different. This time nobody will buy you and you won’t come back. Mr. Józef has practically already sold you. Where you will pass in an instant. And a little Czekoladka will follow you, full of confidence. And her life will pass in the blink of an eye before it gets old. Because no one ever knows when her time will come. We can only beg for a little longer. But who?

Only you, dear friend. Although Pralinka had so many people, at the end of her journey she has only you, a complete stranger, reading this text.

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