28/05/2021 UPDATE

Once again it is so hard for us to express how grateful we are. It is because of You that Sabinka received the best present on Mother’s Day – life and security for her and the newborn.
Although there was so little time, once again You have proved, that the fate of abused animals is very important. Thank You for saving Sabinka and her child. They are being checked by blacksmith and vet to lead a calm motherhood and carefree growing up next to a mother.
Any support will go to provide for Sabinka and her foal.
Thank You very much.

Sabinka’s story

“I am begging you for help! My neighbor had two horses. Sabinka and Karusek. These poor animals never went outside. Few people knew they were there at all. They were – for several years. The neighbor kept them for foals. Once a year he would call a trader who would take their child to the slaughter. It was terrible because they whimpered all the time for a few days. It was impossible to sleep at night, they called so loudly. Last week I saw that horrible car has arrive again. But this time the neighbor chased Sabinka, Karusek, and their child out of the cell  with a stick. He was beating them because they did not want to get in the car, the little one was running around the mother, not knowing what was going on. I felt sorry for them, but there was nothing I could do because the neighbor is impulsive and I am just a single retired woman.”

Today I went to the village where this horse-buying man lives. He said that Karusek had trouble walking and was killed yesterday. Only Sabinka and the baby were standing in the mud. They were very scared. This foal was hiding behind Sabinka, and she was probably looking for Karusek, because she was looking around and whining all the time. I am begging you, save them! I don’t have money to buy them. I will give up my medication and add 200 zlotys, as long as they only live. ”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we were very touched by the e-mail and photos from Maria. Sabinka and Karusek had a terrible life. They fell into the hands of a man who shouldn’t have animals. He treated them like objects and had a heavy hand. After years of suffering, Karusek is gone, but Sabinka and her child are alive. They are still alive.

We got hold of the trader and we promised that we would come for them by May 26. We begged him to give them those few extra days. Now we are begging you for help. We wholeheartedly ask you for mercy for Sabinka and her child. We ask for life for them. We know that you may not have the strength to read about another animal tragedy, but we also know that Sabinka and her baby cannot wait, and we will not save them without you.

We are begging you with all our heart, help us to save them. 4,800 zlotys are needed to save them and transport them. If it succeeds, funds for diagnostics, treatment, and good fodder will also be needed. For such a life for them, which they will want to live. Today, in the slaughterhouse, terrified they wait for their end.


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