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Sebastian saved!

Thanks to you, powerful Sebastian doesn’t have to worry about anything anymore! He is now with us, completely safe with a great prospect for the future. Although we will not give him back his youth, we can provide him with a decent retirement, during which he will only rest, enjoy the sun, delicacies and the company of other equine retirees with whom he can exchange experiences. On behalf of Sebastian, we thank you with all our hearts!



His Story:

Powerful, aging Sebastian stands in the corner, staring at me with huge black eyes full of goodness. He’s asking for nothing. He only stands and looks. Like a statue. I glance at the open door of a small barn, behind which a blizzard is raging and every now and then breaks the silence with a slam. The sun had hidden somewhere, and a gray-blue sky hung low over the paved courtyard. Really, it’s not the climate that inspires hope. As if heaven and earth had conspired against Sebastian and his eyes full of goodness.

It’s a bit crowded here, but nobody promised luxuries. In fact, Sebastian was only promised one thing – that he would not live to see March. It’s a poor prospect.

Sebastian traveled for miles here. He comes from a great stud stable. In Lithuania. I don’t know much more about him. The merchant brings horses from there, because they pay better in slaughterhouses here. Of course, no one here is looking for a private client for these horses. Horses of the type that anyone would like do not come down.

Worn-out, which time and man haven’t spared . And now the world that has forgotten them has come to them now. Came for the final sacrifice. They are to sacrifice their lives. And that will be all. End of the show. There is nothing else.

Sebastian sticks his nostrils at me and tries greedily to grab some touch for himself. He is limited by a rope. He won’t reach any further. Anyway, his crooked legs wouldn’t be able to take a step. He almost doesn’t move. They could let him loose in the yard, and he would still stand there and wait for his transport.

I stroke Sebastian’s face and discreetly wipe my tears away. We’ve been saving horses for 16 years. There are probably horses from all European countries in our centers. And exceptionally a lot from Lithuania. After all, respect for life knows no bounds. Unfortunately, business too. For years I have been amazed how with great ease people get rid of the animals that have worked for them for years and have, in principle, given them all their energy and health. And when all this has been taken from them, life itself is ultimately taken away from them as well. And no one sees anything wrong with it. As if this was the order of the world. And unfortunately it is often the case. Because in many places there are people who have misunderstood their rule over this world.

Sebastian has spent his entire life on one farm. Serving one man. There were several dozen horses there. They all worked hard. And they all got a ticket to Poland at the end.


Your contribution is doubled.
Matching funds from Pledges for first 10k USD.
(US donors enjoy tax break)