UPDATE 17.08.2021

Beloved, thank you very much on behalf of Siwka for the life you gave her! Siwka is already with us on our animal farm, she has joined the community of almost 1,500 happy survivors. She still has a few meetings with the vet, a very serious meeting with the blacksmith, which we hope will end with two trimmings at most.

We also hope that Siwka will manage to catch the September grass on our pastures in the reserve this year, we keep our fingers crossed.

Be sure to visit Siwka during the open days on September 25-26 this year, to which we cordially invite you.


Siwka’s story

When the merchant opens the door of the shed, the stench of urine suffocates our throats, bites our lungs, pinches our eyes. It’s hard to stay here without feeling sick. But we stay, although everything says to go out from here. But how can we turn around and walk away, knowing that we are the only hope for saving a horse condemned to slaughter.

In the gloomy darkness we see Siwka. She is standing in the corner, head lowered, eyes closed, as if she is ashamed of how she looks like. Resigned, reconciled with her fate, she huddles in a corner abandoned by those she worked for. Once young and healthy, today everyone turns away from her in disgust. Hind legs scabbed, irritated and red. Urine glistens on dirty hair and runs down the diseased skin. Neglected, sentenced to slaughter, she no longer counts for anything. When we call her, Siwka hides even more. She only turns her head for a moment, but refuses to come forward. She has been disappointed with people so many times that she no longer looks for help. She expects a whip on her rump more likely than the pity from a human.

We don’t ask why she is to be killed. You can see everything. We also don’t ask why nobody cared for her. An older, small mare of no origin is only worth its weight. Somewhere, where she lived, it was not worth spending even on diagnostics. It was more economical to send Siwka to slaughter. Kill and forget about the problem.

Siwka’s life and transport to our center costs PLN 3800 (990 USD). We have time until August 10 to pay her off. If You decide that it is worth saving and You manage to buy it, funds for diagnostics and treatment will be urgently needed. Because the buyout itself is just the beginning of help in her case.

Please, with all our heart, do not turn away from sick Siwka. If we do not change her fate together, pain, fear and suffering will be the last things she will experience.



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