Staś and Nel

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14 April 2021 Update

Dear friends!  On behalf of Staś and Nel, we thank you with all our hearts for the heart and your great support. They are safe! Now quarantine, diagnostics, a visit from a veterinarian and a farrier, and after the necessary isolation, they meet new friends who are happy to welcome new members of the largest herd of hoofers saved from the slaughterhouse.

We gave them names: Staś and Nel, so they would have something in this world. So that before they disappear forever to the place no animal wants to go, they would be more than just living pieces of meat that can bring profit

Staś and Nel. Unwanted, old, damaged, crippled. After years of serving the man, they have been sold to a trader. Today, they are waiting in the dirty shed, they remain silent, waiting for the end of everything. Cuddled into each other’s necks, they are their only support. No hope of rescue, no chance of life, no future. Because that’s what a man has decided. Because in the world of people with amputated consciences, for whom money is the greatest value, there is no place for emotions or pity. There is no place for retirement. An animal can live as long as it earns, then it must die.

For Staś with blind eyes that cannot see anything, and for his beloved, lame Nell, the final countdown has already begun. These are the last weeks. In just a moment their lives will be over. They have yet to eat and gain weight. And then only the entrance to the butcher’s place, followed by death.

Once again, we are asking you for help. Your help is urgently needed for the blind Staś and his lame friend Nel. We cannot delay, because when the holidays are over, their cry for life will silence them with a butcher’s knife. Forever.