Updated 26/11/2021
Tosia and Tosiek are safe!

These two lovely old ponies willl spend their well-deserved retirement in our sanctuary. Instead of fear – carefree days nibbling on hay and gossiping are ahead of them. Of course, they still have to go into quarantine, but as soon as possible they will join the herd of other ponies where we are sure they will find great friends!

And it happened. The day all ponies are waiting for has come. Especially those who have worked for their man all their lives. The day when the idea that they won’t work anymore! Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it?

Tosia and Tosiek were faithful, hardworking and devoted. They were humble and unopposedly strolled around the trees with little tourists on their backs. Tosia and Tosiek were ready to walk themselfs to death. They didn’t even know it would happen. Because it was their last season.

Another recreational pioneer bought them from the nursery, but he didn’t look at the papers. He thought they were younger. He was in a rush. You know, time is money. On the spot, an employee clearly alerted that the boss had bought “two dead bodies”. And of course, being a universal worker, he added that in the slaughterhouse they would earn better than in the next season under the children. And he has already found his boss other, prettier, younger and spotted ponies! The customers will be delighted.

The boss did not fail to show us the new “acquisition”. In a nice little stable, in stalls with green plates for names, stood two pretty ponies. There was an opportunity, you know. It’s the boss who bought it. Behind the buildings, in the back yard, was a barn, much older than anything else. In it, Tosiek and Tosia are tied briefly with ropes. “Please take those photos quicker, because I am about to have a business meeting,” said the boss firmly.

You have to pay for the boss’s mistake. The boss, the owner of a large motel, will not pay. This is also known. Tosia will pay. Tosiek will pay. Because you pay for age. It’s not the boss’s fault that the ponies have gotten old.

Tosia and Tosiek are constantly hugging each other, like siblings. They probably worked all their lives in one place. They are almost 20 years old. Because youth does not last forever, but it seems that many people, when buying animals, forget that time flows for them in the same way as for people. And they won’t be forever young.

The day will come when they will no longer be able to work for us. Without the Social Insurance, without human care and without any crumbs of happiness – they will be sentenced to death like 30,000 horses a year in Poland.


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