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We went there for a day. A few of our guys from the office went to the ukrainian border, to Medyka. To provide food for people, to catch the dogs that were allegedly running in the area injured. They were supposed to be back the same day.

More than 2 weeks have passed. And the boys are still there. As they stood, they stayed. Office boys became survival experts. They sleep 2-3 hours a day. The fire brigade takes our gifts and takes us to the other side. The police help, everyone helps. It went fast. After a while, the commune lent us a huge state-owned farm for this mission, gave us great opportunities to help. For animals and people.

At the moment you are reading this, a transport is on its way to Kharkiv to evacuate a family with a 10-day-old child and 50 cats. They are sitting in the basement. A nice woman from France contacted us, begging for help. They are doing a fundraiser, everyone is moved and engaged. We helped pregnant women at the border to seek help, we transported pensioners. We deliver medicines and food for people to Kiev and other endangered areas, the transports come from our office, where there is a small warehouse, from Medyka, and from the warehouses that Panattoni lent us for this campaign. We have already received huge shipments of dog and cat food, medicines and food from donors from Belgium, France, Germany, Scotland, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark and many other countries. Thousands of Poles help us. Recently the phone rang, begging for infant milk formula, because mothers are losing their milk. And the children die on their hands. It’s a different world.

We’re focused on animals, basically. But the war in Ukraine unites. So we help everyone.

The lines are hot. We answer on several calls, several hundred calls. Messenger glows red. When we open one message – while reading, several dozen more come. On our base in Medyka there were already TV stations from all over Europe, CNN Portugal, CNN Grece, BBC, BMFTV. Our old state-owned farms were broadcast to the whole world. Abandoned land, where there is no running water, electricity and heat. We have placed containers for animals, we have already connected heating to several, aggregates are worth their weight in gold today. Dogs come to our base every now and then. Dogs, cats and people. Some of the animals go to us, some go on, but all are checked by our vet. We work with numerous organizations in Europe that provide rescued pets with the best care. Several hundred animals have passed through our base in Medyka already. Dogs and cats from shelters, streets and small foundations. When we go there, we take animal food with us. Sometimes the animals are nopt there to take, becouse not everyone wants to give them to safety. Some people hope the war will end soon. And they still believe it.

Today the Dutch promised us tents with beds. Because the boys have been sleeping in the car for 2 weeks. Some who joined us quit after 2 days. Some have quit after an hour. Transports from Ukraine often come in the middle of the night. Dogs and cats are in various health condition. A moment ago, the clinic in Przemyśl accepted 11 puppies with parvovirosis. Help comes every day. Norway will send a medical tent. There is no electricity or water here. We have power generators. We’ve made a makeshift clinic, we have vets. We perform animal first aid on site, vaccinate, microchip.

Ukrainian shelters are constantly calling for help. We still have many weeks ahead of us. Convoys will be able to drive in for animal rescue as long as the borders remain open.While you are reading this, the dogs that have just been rescued from Ukraine arrived at their new home. I look at a handful of photos with emotion. As you read this, we’re unloading 9 buses from Italy with help. While you are reading this, I cannot call Paweł because he is sleeping in the car on the steering wheel. He hasn’t slept for over 40 hours. Because he was taking dogs across the border. When I finish writing this, because that’s the last sentence, the phone rings. Two people with 25 cats are hiding in the basement. As soon as our brave transport from Kharkiv returns with the family with the newborn, it will set off for Kyiv. The person who handles these shipments asks me “do you know they may not come back, that you can have blood on your hands?” We know. We also know that everyone chooses for themselves. Ukrainians we know do it because it is their country. Their people who stayed behind. People and animals were trapped in a cradle of war. We can’t help everyone. And many of our employees may never come back from this front. They recently put hay on our farm, today they have rifles on their shoulders. And they are just in their 20s. Contact with them stopped us a moment ago. And maybe forever.

That’s why we keep working. We collect dog and cat food. We collect the cat sand, bowls, sleepers, leashes and collars. We collect kennels.

We also collect to help people, high-energy food (it takes less space in transport), juices, medicine. We need bandages, tourniquets, oxidated water. We need leg splints, diapers for children and adults. We need baby milk, bottles and anything that saves lives. We need walkie talkies, lighters and hot water bottles.

Another employee of ours is leaving the farm in a moment. A young boy. “I want to fight”. He has a family there. He has friends. He will probably pack his things, give one last time to the horses and dogs he greeted every morning. Then he will get in the car with us, because we carry shipments of gifts to Medyka every day. Maybe we’ll pass the border with him. Maybe we’ll get to Lviv. And perhaps neither our farm nor the animals will ever see him again.

You can support our activities by making a donation with “for Ukraine” as a reference:

PL36 1750 1064 0000 0000 2257 6747 (in PLN), Swift: PPABPLPK

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You can also send the package by post:

Centaurus Foundation
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Our base in Medyka coordinates:
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Call for more information: 0048 518 569 487, 0048 535 162 322


Your contribution is doubled.
Matching funds from Pledges for first 10k USD.
(US donors enjoy tax break)