Poland sends about 30,000 horses to slaughter a year. We are the leader in Europe when it comes to those sad statistics.

Hello, my name is Wanda. I will tell you my story, the story of one of 30,000 horses sentenced to be slaughtered by humans. For as long as I can remember, everything has revolved around giving birth to foals and raising them. Before I could enjoy them, they were taken from me brutally. Year after year, I gave birth to new ones, and the pain kept growing. Pain that nobody cared about. I have never miscarried, never abandoned my baby. I also never stood up to a man. I cared for each of my foals as best I could. But it all didn’t help.

Sometimes I think that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t save any of them from dying. Because when a person decided that the time had come, the car of the trader would roll into our yard and what was most valuable to me was forcibly taken away. One by one. Do not be deceived by the fact that I am not a man, that I am only a horse. I am a mother and that is common among all species. I could only watch them disappear at the top of the gangplank and go where horses like us never come back.

My world was always limited to a dark, tight cell and chain with which the host forced me to obey. When it hit the floor, I knew it was a working season. I lived in a kennel for a long time, somewhere by the Polish seaside. They said so. When summer came, the air started to smell like waffles, and there were more and more tourists, I would go on stage. Every day, I was an actress starring in a show with a title “the life of a country horse”. I fulfilled every whim of a man. I carried tourists on my back, let them cuddle up in my soft mane, and posed for photos. Always humble, I have never complained. I knew that my work provided me with food and basic existance.

I have been in this bondage for years. They passed me from hand to hand, I was everywhere they needed me. I gave birth to foals, I worked, I gave in to what life brought. But this winter the time has come for me. It’s my turn now. I will not live to see another warm summer, I will not hear the calls of tourists lining up for a photo, because although I was tired, I felt needed and at least a moment wanted and special.

The host decided that since I was old, it was time to send me to retire in the popular facility for horses – slaughterhouse. The trader’s old car rolled into someone’s backyard again. The chain rang one last time. It fell to the ground with a crash, telling me it was time to go. I entered first, followed by my beloved daughter Wiki. Terrified, on trembling legs, she confidently climbed up after my tail.

The merchant doesn’t charm. Hundreds or even thousands of horses like us pass through his cowshed. He himself didn’t care at all. The death of animals is a routine for him. He buys horses from nearby towns, he buys horses from fairs and from all those that want to get rid of the horse quickly. And you probably already know that all these stories have one gloomy ending. In the slaughterhouse. When the time comes, they’ll take us onto a butcher’s car, under the cover of night. And we will disappear into the darkness. As if we were never there.

My whole life has been dedicated for someone. Always in captivity, robbed of everything that was of any value to me. Robbed of my dignity, deprived of children, I took the last journey. You don’t have to console me. I know there is death in the end. My daughter Wiki, my last child, will join me. My whole world. When all comes to an end, we will be brutally separated. History will repeat itself. My days are now filled with terror, despair and fear. I did not become immune to pain and suffering. I would like to save my little daughter. Which of us will die first, I don’t know. But I am sure of one thing – we will always cry out and look for eachother. To the very end…

Beloved, Wanda and Wiki are waiting at the trader, and we have one chance to save her. The challenge is big, but we believe that we will be able to buy them with your help. If we’re late, Wanda and Wiki will be gone. Please help us save them. We have such a great power together. And they don’t have anybody else willing to help them.

We have to collect PLN 9,800 (2400 USD) by January 28. We have to come back for them. Will you come back with us? Remember that every help makes a difference and saves the lives of Wanda and her little daughter.

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