2nd of October 2021 Update

The old girl Zorza is safe! Thank you for not leaving her alone – today she is with us, on our farm, safe and cared for. We do not know how much time she has left, maybe she will not stay with us for long, but we know that she deserves the best of everything – for every kind word, soft noses stroking, veterinary care and medications that will relieve pain. Thank you for giving her a chance. We promise that we will do everything we can to make up for all the lost years. Thank you on behalf of the old girl, Zorza. Thank you for giving her the opportunity to get to know this world from the better side at the end of her life.

Her story

Zorza is several years old, and all of them are undoubtedly spent in the service. Attentive to people, she tries not to irritate anyone. She stood politely as we took the pictures as if she knew those few frames could save or kill her. She went to a trader who sells not only for slaughter. And if she was different, less overworked, she might have found a client other than a slaughterhouse. But Zorza is neither young nor healthy. She limps hard on her right hind leg, the opposite one shows a long scar.

We don’t ask what happened to her. Here, you will never find out the truth about any horse. Even if the gray hair sprinkles its forehead and the horse is unable to stand alone, you will hear that it is almost a foal age and at the height of health. The trader praises how perfect Zorza is for work and childbirth, we nod our heads, pretending to believe, although we realize that if we do nothing, her fate will be sealed. We have known each other for years, we have saved a few horses from here and we know that he will not offer anyone else a horse that is old and cannot work. Here, in this yard, horses are selected every day as useless or still capable of earning money. Lame Zorza will not earn even a handful of oats anymore. She was left alone, redundant and unwanted. And there is no one to plead for her.

When we were getting ready to leave, Zorza looked at us with eyes that were getting bigger and bigger with fear, not understanding why she couldn’t come with us. Before the cell door shut behind her, she had us cuddling her warm, soft nostrils with our hands, asking us not to leave her. She knew well what awaits the unwanted horses and was very afraid of what is to come.


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