25th of October 2021 Update
Zosia and Zuza thank you for saving their lives!

The girls are already with us – safe! Zuza, extremely brave and curious, wanted to go for a walk around the farm herself, but she will have to wait for that! Like all rescued animals, she and her mother must go into quarantine, during which they will be visited by a veterinarian and a blacksmith. After that, nothing will stop them from exploring every nook and cranny of the pony run!

On behalf of Zosia and Zuzia – we thank you with all our hearts!

A small cowshed in a small village. Little possibilities. Few people. And so little time. Zosia and her daughter Zuzia are fighting for their lives. Condemned to death. There are millions of reasons. And the host is always right.

“Because that old mare is way too short for a pony. Just like a kitchen stool and I already have one”

“Because the old one is too tall for a pony. The grandchildren are afraid to get close, you know.”

“Because this old mug can’t walk in circles, you understand? Do you know what a circle is?”

“Because the young one takes up too much space. And it costs. What’s with that strange face? Do I look like I run the bank!?”

“Because the farrier wants too much and nobody wants to pay. Will you pay? Maybe someone else will?  Well, I am definitely not paying for these scumbags!

“Because the girl has white patches, and the kids don’t like it, you know?  See for yourself how ugly she is! How did it even come out ?!”

“Because it’s Christmas soon and I need cash for gifts. I am not an ATM”

“Because ponies stink. Can you smell that stench?

“Because they have to be fed every day. And what comes out needs to be taken care of as well. So much work! Can you imagine ?!”

“Because .. because yes!”

Because the host gives life and then takes life whenever he wants.

And now he will take those lives. Because he can. Because those lives is his property. Because it stinks, costs money and grows not as it should be. There are millions of reasons to kill.

A small cowshed in a small village. Little possibilities. So little time. Zuza cuddles up to her mother and closes her eyes. She is not even looking at us. She is only a few weeks old and a human for her represents only a whipping mashine.

It is a bad start in this world for little Zuza. But it doesn’t matter. She will not tell anyone what happened inside the barn door. Because in a moment she will go down the narrow corridor and before a few seconds will pass she will fall to the ground. And behind, Zosia, her mother.

But do not worry. You won’t hear a bang. The horses walk away in the silence of their helplessness.


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