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Zuzanek, millions of them exist. And at the same time he is one of a kind. Like all of us. “Do you think dogs don’t go to heaven? I assure you that they will be there long before us” -R.L. Stevenson said. Because a dog is the best companion. Full of acceptance and understanding, he never criticizes. He is happy, although he has not seen us for 5 minutes. He loves us immeasurably, more than himself, and so on.

Little Zuzanek was more fortunate than other dogs. At least, he would probably say that if he could speak. Because he had his owner in this dog’s life. Too be specific- his lady. Many dogs do not even reach the level of their own patch of a blanket. So complain is not appropriate here. There was love, there was caring, there was devotion. It was consensual. That’s what we assume. But all this happiness has ended up as a result of the brutal epidemics, which no one wants to read anymore because as it spills out of all the media. Zuzanek has never heard of any epidemic, but he has felt its presence painfully. Because in the blink of an eye he has lost everything he has ever had. This inhuman time causes inhuman decisions. The old lady is crying on the phone and trembling, wondering what would happen if we don’t take the dog. As if it was a choice between her and dog’s life. Or maybe it was a fear of a dog, that we won’t be able to help him.

The fear that has been imposed on us in recent weeks has caused an avalanche of dog abandonments around the world. It is hard to compare it with anything that had happened for the last 100 years in the world. But for the old lady the situation is similar – the circumstances force her to make decisions that she would never have made. Giving up of Zuzanek was such a decision. Inhuman in its pain. We don’t know who suffered more Zuzanek, or the old lady. We also just tried to offer help, but the decision was final. Zuzanek and the old lady saw each other for the last time. “Take care of my dog, let him have a healthy life, I will pray for you, but please don’t come back with him, let him have a better life” – said the old lady as she squeezed with her wrinkled hand Zuzanek’s paw saying goodbye. When we went downstairs, the old lady stood in the window for a long time and waved.

Usually people give us dogs and leave quickly. As if they were afraid that we would change our minds. Sometimes they throw them in a cardboard box under the gate, or tie them to a tree near our centre. Sometimes they treat them so that we have to pick them up ourselves. But only such breakups as the ones we have seen here make us regain faith in a human race.

An old lady claimed in a conversation with us that Zuzanek is an older dog. Money for treatment was lacking before, and Zuzanek had been sick for a long time. However, the fear of leaving the apartment was too strong. Lack of money to treat the dog is another argument that made up the decision of the old lady that Zuzanek stays with us. The retirement of the old lady will not grow, and you have to buy more and more medicines, as Zuzanek will get older. We have a lot of dogs like Zuzanek with us. There are thousands of official reasons. But most of them are just fear and uncertainty. Because although we got used to the situation a little, tomorrow is more and more uncertain for us.

Without your help the old Zuzanek will pass away. Every day we receive a lot of phone calls from people asking for help, even though how hard we try we are not able to help everyone. We are not able to accommodate all the dogs, and most of them will never be shown by the media. But we remember that animals are 100% dependent on us. Zuzanek has airway inflammation, is dehydrated, which is probably the result of another condition. He has problems with maintaining balance and we want to diagnose it in this direction. Most teeth must be removed.

We are not judging the old Lady, but all the diseases raise concern. We will not convince you because we knew the situation only fifteen minutes. But the tears of the old lady were sincere, the conditions in which she lived alone left much to be desired. The time when all this happened is difficult for everyone. So, apart from all the judgment, we just ask – help Zuzanek to survive.