ZUZANNA and blind ZOLA

09/17/2021 happy update!

We come to you with great news! You have stopped the transport to the slaughterhouse once again. Now, before Zuzanna and her blind daughter Zola opens up a life devoid of suffering, fear and “expiration date. At our asylum, their future companions, curious about the new arrivals, are already fond of them.

Once the compulsory quarantine is over they will be able to run in the paddock together. Thank you for being there and that we can count on you every time! It is thanks to you that they live!


Zuzanna and Zola’s story

Do you see Zola? Because she cannot see you …
She clings to hers mother, because only thanks to her she can “see” the world. Only thanks to her she can feel it. And she will follow her, reassured, everywhere. Even to death.
And she will go. Pretty soon ..

Zuzanna was bought by the farmer for agro tourism recreation. With a little daughter, Zola, because two ponies will attract people better. Because an empty place in the barn next to the ladder, forks and the old hay baler, will be filled. Because the father had horses, the neighbor did, and the ponies are cheap to maintain. He was buying at night, tired of the journey. He didn’t look in the dark, didn’t think in a hurry. When he brought them home, it turned out that little Zola is different.
Because little Zola is a bit scary with her sunken eye, through which she cannot see at all. On the second she sees dimly.
Maybe little Zola is lucky in her misfortune – she will not see her mother dying, trembling with fear on her tiny legs. Maybe she will not see the narrow corridor of the kill pen, the butcher’s knife and her own death. And maybe she will not hate humans to the fullest.
As soon as the owner saw little Zola is blind, he called us, irritated. Because no one in this world wants such horses. Nobody, except the slaughterhouse. There, blindness is not a problem. This client is not picky and will never make you wait.

“Nobody pays me to keep blind cripples, like they pay you! If you want, take it or I will take it to slaughter because such a rag will bring me bad luck, in the countryside they will laugh at me ”- he said shortly on the phone at the end of the conversation.
Zuzanna stands still, as if she knew that little Zola relies only on her. And, although the host jerks her snout sharply to the right and left, she is unnerved. She can’t afford a mental breakdown. For Zola. She calmly and patiently endures jerks, chasing whips and screams. Zola, constantly cuddled up, only her other eye blinks. As if she was trying to sharpen her eyesight for a second and see what surrounds her and her mother. Luckily for her, it’s impossible. She will never see anything that exists in this world. She has her own, little, pony world that nobody cares about. But that’s not important. Because this world is about to die under the cold blade that will lead Zuzanna and little Zola to the other side of the rainbow.

Zuzanna and her daughter Zola are asking for nothing. It would not have occurred to them that someone wanted to save them. Why anyone would want to do that? They are just two of millions of ponies around this world.
It is us who ask for Your help.

They stand snuggled up in a country yard and don’t even know what will happen to them. Because no one asks animals what fate they want. Fate catches them in its claws and guides them. In a moment fate will lead brave Susanna along the gangplank of some truck, her head held high. Blind Zola humbly climbs up behind her, unaware of anything, step by step closer to the end of everything. And when the end comes and the cold and pain will pass, little Zola will gallop along the evergreen meadows ahead, towards herds of ever rushing horses, on the ever-green grass …

Close your eyes. Do you see Zola? ‘Cause she’ll never see you.


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