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Dorotka is looking for virtual guardians. She is very old and her health slowly deteriorates. Becouse of this  she needs up to PLN 1000 (USD 256) a month to keep her satisfied. If You want to support Dorotka, please fill out the VIRTUAL ADOPTION form.

Dorotka’s story

Here is Dorotka. Almost 20 years old.  She has worked thousands of hours for her owner. She gave birth to 9 foals, all of them went to the slaughter …
A man took her youth, her health, killed her children. Today she is too old to get pregnant again, she is not needed for work. The last owner took what he could and then sold her to a trader. Fat mare is waiting for her last journey. To the slaughterhouse …

The trader takes the mare out of the barn. Wornout legs, aching spine, and eyes full of suffering. Resigned, she bows her head to the ground, closes her tired eyes, and waits for instructions. Dorotka does not ask for anything. She does not demand attention. She got to know people well. After years of service, she knows what a whip feels like and she knows there is no way to change her fate. After all, she will not be younger, no one will provide her with anything anymore. Then, the moment came when humans decided that it was time for Dorotka … and from where they sent her, no horse has returned.

Dorotka is a cold-blooded horse. The mare is large, massive, and heavy. A horse that has dedicated its entire life to man. And not because she wanted to, but because animals have no choice. Those hired on farms have to work to live because the useless ones are taken to the slaughterhouse.