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Little Drops is safe!  Adopt him virtually for extra content and news.

We wipe the tears of emotions as we watch little Drops looking around in amazement at his new home, where he will be loved. We cannot give him back his mother, but we will do everything in our power to show him the beauty of this world.
Thank You for giving Drops a Chance. A whole life without suffering and fear has just opened in front of him becaouse of You.
Drops is with us awaiting the vet and blacksmith. Soon he will join other horses. From now, any support will go to provide his daily maintenance. Thank You very much.

His story

Drops’ life would end before it even began. He failed because he was born, not what man expected. The owner had a breeding plan, but instead of a girl, a tiny boy was born. The breeder would not even consider leaving him for a moment, decided that he was unnecessary and when he could be taken from his mother, Drops was sold immediately to a trader.

Today, suffering among other animals waits for its end. And nothing about his pathetic cry after his mother, where he is, does not impress anyone. He ended up in hell, where people have no mercy, the despair of animals going to slaughter only causes aggression.

Drops is over half a year old. He is a horse child who has been deprived of the right to life. He’s in line to die, and no one would be willing to help him.
We made an advanced payment to postpone his death and we ask you with all our hearts for your help. Support his rescue, help save him. Let’s give him together what is most precious – life.