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Dziewanna has a full virtual adoption. Thank You so much

Her story:

Dziewanna moves her ears for a moment and slowly moves her head towards us. She listens but she doesn’t approach us. This is a new place for her, she doesn’t know where the walls are. Her sick eyes cannot see them. She is very afraid. She is terrified by the smell of droppings and death. She doesn’t understand why she was sent to the slaughterhouse.

It is here, in the backyard of the slaughterhouse, that her life will end under the butcher’s knife. And all her devotion and sacrifice would be in vain. Those years of obedience for nothing.
Everyone abandoned her. As long as she worked, they called her a friend, a family member, and when she became sick, they sent her to the slaughterhouse. Nobody wanted to take care of the blind Dziewanna.

The host says that he is in his teens, he praises her that she has a great pedigree, but she is not able to get pregnant. As he is pocking the terrified Dziewanna with a stick, he adds that it was a good horse, because although she was blind, she still walked around with children on her back. He feels sorry for her. No, not that he would kill her, but that if she were healthy, he would earn much more on her than he would earn from her meat. And now …

Dziewanna is a sick horse. She’s losing her vision. She will never be healthy again. She will also not get any younger, she will never have a foal. She will also not see the sun, she will not feel in the wind in her mane, she will not get a carrot or a delicious candy. Nobody will call her their beloved friend anymore. Because blind horses are sent for slaughter. It is more profitable to kill them than to heal them and take care of them.

There is no hope for rescue for Dziewanna. Everyone she worked for has abandoned her. Today, with a death sentence, she is waiting to be killed.