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Earth Hour

On Saturday at 8.30 PM for the 14th time the global action “Earth Hour” took place. Millions of people and institutions around the world have turned off the lights for an hour to show that they are not indifferent to the future of the planet. “Earth Hour” is a global action initiated by the WWF organization. It has been celebrated since 2007 on the last Saturday in March.

Millions around the world took part in this year’s campaign. The most spectacular was the dimming of the illumination of famous monuments and characteristic buildings. In Warsaw, the lighting of, among others, the presidential palace and the Belweder Palace were turned off. In London, at 8.30 PM local time, the lighting of the Palace of Westminster, the Eye of London, and the Shard skyscraper was turned off.

The Piccadilly Circus screens have also gone out. In Paris, the Eiffel Tower was darkened. In Rome, the lighting of the Colosseum was turned off, in Berlin the Brandenburg Gate, and in Moscow, the Red Square. Earlier, due to the time difference, buildings in Asia – from Singapore to Hong Kong – were dying out. The lighting for the Sydney Opera House was also turned off. The action then moved to the West. Among the buildings that went out was the Empire State Building in New York.

This symbolic gesture was intended to draw attention to the problems our planet is struggling with.