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Ecological disaster in Mauritius

Mauritius is facing one of the worst environmental disasters in generations. About 900 tons of oil leaked from the stranded ship into the waters off the south-eastern coast of the island. Mauritian authorities have declared an environmental emergency state.

A Japanese tanker that transported oil from China to Brazil settled on a coral reef more than two weeks ago. Last week it became known that it was leaking oil. The island government has declared a leakage emergency. The situation is very bad. The oil spill is near a lagoon known for its beautiful corals and countless species of fish. It is a protected area, created a few years ago to preserve the nature of Mauritius unchanged.

The authorities of the Japanese ship apologized for the leak and sent experts to help fight it. Environmental activists are involved in the fight against pollution, as well as fishermen, diving centers, students, and the people of the country. The Mauritian authorities have asked the UN to launch aid for the affected island. France has already provided financial and logistical support, which includes the neighboring island of Reunion.