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Eldorado came to us straight from Spain from a trading stable. He is an eminently calm horse and is looking for a new, wonderful home for the rest of his days.

If You want to adopt Eldorado, the first mandatory step is the FORM (it does not oblige you to adopt).

He is calm and attentive to all beauty treatments, he is willing to give legs. He is not impressed by being saddled. He is polite under the saddle, but he has to remember a lot. When mounting he is well behaved and standing still.

Apparently he hasn’t walked for a long time and therefore needs time. He fights a bit with the curb, but if someone has a light hand and devotes a lot of ground time to him, he will normalize and Eldo will gain trust for sure. He has skills greater than the average horse, apparently he worked a lot with children in sports (dressage), but we do not know for sure, and above all, we are not looking for a home where he will be used in this direction.
He can be for a child, a less advanced person, but then with a trainer.