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Adopt Elza Virtually. Just fill out the VIRTUAL ADOPTION FORM and we will get back to You shortly.

Update 07.01.2022
Old lady Elza is now safe!

We are unable to express our gratitude for your amazing commitment. We managed together! Elza is now safe, she has already come to our farm and won everyone’s hearts. There is still a quarantine ahead of Elza, visits from a veterinarian and a blacksmith, and later she will join the herd of the remaining donkeys. Once again, on her behalf – thank you!

Elza worked for her host, she endured the hardships of everyday life. She served faithfully, learned quickly, and obediently performed the tasks entrusted to her. After years of dedication, when the colder time has come and there is less work to do, Elza is no longer needed. And for her, the last season in her stable has come to an end. Because life is not a fairy , nor an Aesopian tale, in which Elza will play the lyre, or any other in which little donkeys have a wonderful life. It is a reality where they experience a lot of suffering and pain. Because there will always be a reason to earn money on death. People sell horses and donkeys for slaughter. Even the fairy-tale ones with long ears.

The donkey is said to be stubborn because it refuses to go wherever it is told. But can you blame it for not wanting to go where he will die? Or maybe it is a man who is stubborn because he is forcing it to go a different route? Elza does not insist anymore. Before her final journey, she hung her head for a moment, as if thanking her for her life. She said goodbye to everything she knew so far and went. Far. Maybe the last time.

Now she’s waiting for us at the traders place. She is waiting because we promised we would pick her up. I know there will be a day when Elza is gone. But today is not that day. She is standing there and she believes that we will come back for her. Because we’ll be back, right?