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Environmental disaster in Siberia

Ecological disaster in a pristine region with a unique ecosystem in Siberia. Local authorities declared a state of emergency. The fight to stop the drifting oil stain continues so that it does not get to the glacial lake.

On Friday the fire has started in the power plant in Norilsk, as a result of which 20,000 tons of release of diesel oil sewages got into the river. WWF, who has reported the disaster first, is the most concerned. The dams have already been set up, and all the actions are concentrated on preventing chemical contamination of the largest water reservoir in the region, 20 km away from Norilsk Lake Piasiono. They managed to stop the oil flow over a five-kilometer away from the front of the lake. Unfortunately, some dangerous compounds such as benzene and xylene will not have a problem with getting over the barricade.

Norilsk is considered one of the most toxic cities in Russia. Every year, about 2 million tons of harmful substances end up in the atmosphere.