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Failure and success in the eyes of animals

Researchers at Queen’s University have found a link between animal behavior and their moods linked to success and failure. Research has shown that both successes and failures have a huge impact on the behavior of animals. The winners were much more optimistic about the next competitions, and the losers – pessimistic.

The rivalry of animals was also observed, among, for example, partners. Scientists have observed that failure or success in such situations has a key impact on the further behavior of pets. Researchers who study animal behavior do not usually take their emotions into account. However, the results of these studies suggest that animals are much more like humans in this matter than you might think. It was so noticeable that those in a good mood were less afraid of predators.

Experts hope that understanding such relationships will help maintain animal welfare. Why? This way, it will be known how to protect them more effectively from negative emotions and provide them with more positive emotions.

The research was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.