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We need a million for hay

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We’ve been saving animals for over 15 years. In comparison to the age of the Sun, it seems like a flash of light. Not much, not even worth to mention. But in comparison to our age and gray hair, which we gain more and more thought these years, it’s quite a long time. Sometimes, even the half of our lives.


In Poland, the heart of Europe, we have created the biggest asylum for almost 600 horses and hundreds of other animals.
There are smaller creatures in this world, they are bigger ones, they are younger and older. It basically doesn’t matter. Because this is not about us this time. It’s all about the animals. From the first day it has been all about them. And everything around them. Because our ‘tomorrow’ of the world we live in depends on our empathy today.
For last 15 years we have saved thousands of innocent animals. And it’s all because of you. Even though they often have a small body but they are big in spirit . Thousands of grateful eyes are laughing at us today, hundreds of tails are wagging.
Hundreds of paws are climbing on our laps and heating us at night on scraps of their own blankets. Thousands of hooves are hitting the ground in the rhythm of life.

Most of them would no longer be here with us, they would not be able to see the sunrise or feel the wind today. And when they pass away they would not see the nostalgic eyes of those who are still here.
Here you can see only a small piece of what thanks to your support we have managed to do. Yes, because it’s all thanks to you. Because Centaurus was founded in the heart of one city many years ago, thanks to the support of only few people. But today it expands its mission throughout Europe, thanks to hundreds of thousands of people from around the world.
Thanks to you, your commitment and dreams to make the world a better place, we have created Europe’s largest asylum for horses and other animals. Over 1000 rescued horses, hundreds of dogs, cats as well as farm and wild animals. This is one of the largest such places in the world. You can feel as the Creator, because it is also your creation. Your place where you have put the first brick as a foundation to this great initiative.


Animals that ended up in our facility did not have a chance in the world, everybody gave up on them, but not us. They are horses that worked pulling a carriage on the market square in Krakow, or at Morskie Oko, or in hundreds of other places where the owners decided that their time was over. They are donkeys from the mini zoo, because the hotel went bankrupt, or the owner changed his plans. These were the cats that occupied the old factory, that were converted into a modern shopping gallery. They are dogs for which love has run out for thousands of reasons. There are thousands of animals that will not help themselves. Because somehow it turned out that we as humans have the final decision here. You can say that they will pass away anyway. Probably. As we all do. But does that change anything? After all, returning home does not have to be a chore …
Not so long ago, we have been fighting for survival, because most of our Donors stopped supporting pets due to a pandemic. Again, thanks to you, thanks to you, we managed to survive. And today we are still here.
When you drive by the wooden sign saying ‘Animal Farm’, you will find us here on our 19th century farm. Thank you. The problem is, we don’t know what will come next. Because being big organization means tremendous responsibility. And of course -huge funds. Nobody will give us break here. There is no Sunday off. There are no holidays. There is no emergency plan, because no part of our organization can stop working. We can’t save on anything. Because in what way? On medicines, on nutrition? Like many other people living in the post-epidemic world, we have to start everything all over again, from the scratch. However, 15 years ago we started with several horses. Today, we have nearly 600 dependents. And that means that we need a several hundred thousand a month.
Today we can see that although the world is slowly coming back to normal, no major government program for animals has been created. And rather doubtful that such a one would come to life. And the rescue begins on the day these animals came to us. Our animals only have us. Me. You. There is nobody else and the miracle will not happen. Hay will not fall from the sky. Oats will not show up in barns. Dog food won’t fall down through the chimney, it’s not Santa’s time.
We need you so much! Because, apart from the epidemic, which deprived us of about 90% of donors – drought occurred in Poland. It is true that a last few days of rain made everyone happy, but this does not change the overall condition of the soil, it is definitely not enough. Hay prices have already risen from PLN 75 per pack to PLN 130 per pack. And the price are still going up. Nobody will give us the discounts for rescued horses – the epidemic hit everyone’s pockets and farms are living in fear of tomorrow.

We have enough hay for a few days. We won’t survive without you.
Every day we are feeding horses with about 40 bales of hay – you can easily count how huge the amount of money it is.
And not to even mention: oats, straw, dog food …
I would also like to invite you to our Club – even a small amount, multiplied by the amount of payments, can do wonders for hundreds of saved animals.
A million is a lot of money, we agree. You might think that we are crazy and insane. Well yes, we went crazy with happiness many years ago when we started our mission. Along the years we went crazy for saving more and more animals. We were watching babies of different mothers of different species come into the world. Now we feel that we are going to go crazy in a moment. This time, unfortunately out of fear. Because every day more and more sacks of oats disappear from our barn. The last bales of hay and straw are disappearing from our farm, along the way with the calculated food for dogs, cats and farm animals. The scale at which we operate is beneficial to thousands of animals. But you’ve probably heard that water can save you, or you can drown in it.

We beg you, please help us save our animals.